Feeling Sorry for IAC ?

By Bill Pytlovany

An executive for the company behind the infamous Ask.com toolbar – tweeted out a ‘social network atomic bomb’.–PC Pitstop

After observing how our society behaved online for over 30 years I often share a simple bit of advice. Before you post ask yourself, “What good will come from this?”. Former IAC PR executive Justine Sacco didn’t know about my advise before sending her last tweet on her way to South Africa.

tweet IAC

What made this particular remark exceptional was that Ms. Sacco was soon in the air on a 12 hour flight with no Wi-Fi access. Her tweet generated a social network atomic bomb. She had no way of knowing the firestorm she had created and had no way do to damage control.

By the time Justine landed in the country of her birth, her employer had disavowed her comment and removed her from their website.

Who is IAC? – Article continued here

This post is excerpted with Bill’s permission from his blog

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