3 Options to Boot Windows 8 to Safe Mode

3 Options to Boot Windows 8 to Safe Mode

By MakeTechEasier.com

Find and solve Windows 8 problems by booting into Safe Mode.–PC Pitstop.

The Windows Safe mode really comes in handy whenever a PC shuts down incorrectly due to some various issues, and/or refuses to boot up normally. If you’re not familiar with Safe mode, Safe Mode starts Windows with only a limited set of files and drivers – meaning no program will automatically start up with Safe Mode. Also, your Windows PC will not connect to a network. All in all, with the Safe Mode, an infection is unlikely to get worse. You can easily find and solve any problems with your PC by using this feature, this keeping your hardware or date safe.

Those of you who have used Safe mode before will know that Safe mode was really easy to find in all previous versions in Windows up to Windows 7. Now, instead of the old procedure, starting from Windows 8, the system monitors the startup procedure and whenever problems are detected on your computer, you’ll be automatically directed to the new Recovery Mode. At this point you will be presented with the message: “Recovery. It looks like Windows didn’t load correctly”.

How to Boot Into Safe Mode When Windows Is Running Normally–Article Continued Here

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