Cryptolocker Now Spreads Via Removable Drives

Cryptolocker Now Spreads Via Removable Drives

A new variant of the file-encrypting ransomware known as Cryptolocker has begun spreading using a dangerous new feature: self propagation through USB drives, according to multiple security firms.

Antivirus firms Trend Micro and ESET both found evidence of the new version of Cryptolocker spreading on the Internet. The malicious software is somewhat different than the original Cryptolocker, including functionality which creates a copy of itself on removable media, suggesting that the malware could be a copycat.

The ability to spread to other computers and encrypt data means that the ransomware variant could spread more widely than the original Cryptolocker, according to JD Sherry, vice president of technology and solutions for Trend Micro. – See more at:

We recently came across a CryptoLocker variant that had one notable feature—it has propagation routines.

Analysis of the malware, detected as WORM_CRILOCK.A, shows that this malware can spread via removable drives.–Trend Micro


Note to PC Matic users: Because PC Matic’s security, called Super Shield, uses a white list and a black list, you are protected from ransomware, but you have to make sure Super Shield is properly enabled.

Video: Step by step instructions for how to install and enable Super Shield.

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