Creating a Strong Password

Creating a Strong Password

by Suzanne Kantra for Techlicious

Why using one complex password is no longer enough protection.–PC Pitstop.

When it came to protecting your private information, security professionals used to focus on the complexity of your password. Make a password harder to guess and for hacking programs to break, and you would be safe.

That advice is still valid. But with the massive security breaches at tech companies like Adobe and LinkedIn exposing hundreds of millions of user names and passwords (and who knows how many breaches we haven’t even heard about), simply creating a complex password isn’t enough. The only way to minimize the impact of stolen log-in credentials is to use a different password for every site.

For most of us that’s a daunting challenge. Who can remember 50 different passwords? The answer is a password manager that lets you create as many complex passwords as you need and store them all in an encrypted database under one master password for easy reference and auto-filling. Once you have your password manager running, it fills in your user ID and password for you whenever you visit a website.

When creating your strong passwords…Do This–Article Continued Here:

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