7 Easy Ways to Improve Your PowerPoint Slides

7 Easy Ways to Improve Your PowerPoint Slides

By Ellen Finkelstein

A PowerPoint expert shares 7 easy ways to improve your presentation slides. –PC Pitstop

I see lots of slides that clients create and then ask me to help them make over. There are some problems that I see over and over and I thought I’d tell you about them because avoiding these mistakes will help you improve your slides a lot!

1. Ditch the Text Boxes

I don’t know why people are allergic to PowerPoint’s built-in slide layouts. They are your friends! That’s because they help you create consistent slides with a minimum of fuss and bother.

What I see instead is slides created with the Title Only layout and a text box inserted below the title. The person types in the text and formats it manually. Then the text box is moved around — and the text resized — to make it fit. The result is text that moves around from slide to slide and is a different size on each slide.

Instead, use the Title & Content layout. Put the text in the body of the slide in the main text placeholder. If necessary, reset the slide by right-clicking just off the slide and choosing Reset Slide.

Is there a legitimate use for text boxes? Yes! Use them for image captions or labels

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This post is excerpted with the permission of PowerPoint Tips.

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