Windows 8.1 Update 1

Windows 8.1 Update 1

It appears Microsoft might be acting on the onslaught of negative feedback about Windows 8.

Windows 8.1 Update 1 is a free update for Windows 8.1 that will be delivered via Windows Update and possibly launched on a coming Patch Tuesday. We’ve been reporting for some time that the target date for Update 1 is April 2014; Mary Jo Foley reported this week, however, that it could come as early as March 11. (Which, yes, is a Patch Tuesday. This and more was discussed in Windows 8.1 Update 1 (Very Early) Preview.–Paul Thurrott

Thurrott has uncovered “a surprising number of fun little improvements” in the 8.1 Update 1:

Start and apps
Start screen – Search Power Options button
Start screen – Mouse improvements
Start screen – App installed notification

Apps screen – Show more apps

PC Settings Tile

Metro Apps

PC Settings – Control Panel Link

Metro Apps – Mouse Improvements


Desktop – SkyDrive tray icon
Desktop – Pin Metro apps
Desktop – Show Metro apps

–Paul Thurrott Review of Windows 8.1 Update 1

All that’s left for Microsoft to do in Windows 8.1 Update 1 is offer a functional Start menu, and I think I might consider all the nonsense introduced with Windows 8 undone and the operating system fixed for regular desktop and notebook users–ZDNet:Windows 8.1 Update 1 leaked build suggest Microsoft is moving in the right direction

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33 thoughts on “Windows 8.1 Update 1

  1. I never had Windows 7, just went from vista to 8 and love Windows 8. But I did the "upgrade" to Windows 8.1, as they heavily recommended all the time, and boy am I sorry! The only problem I have with 8.1 is it slowed everything down to a crawl. Videos take time to load. I hit enter and nothing happens for several seconds. It's AWFUL! Windows 8 was fast and simple. 8.1 is SLOW and simple. I want my 8 back. 🙁 Is there no warranty? I think they should offer the go-back like they offered the Windows 8.1

  2. I never had Windows 7, just went from vista to 8 and love Windows 8. But I did the "upgrade" to Windows 8.1, as they heavily recommended all the time, and boy am I sorry! The only problem I have with 8.1 is it slowed everything down to a crawl. Videos take time to load. I hit enter and nothing happens for several seconds. It's AWFUL! Windows 8 was fast and simple. 8.1 is SLOW and simple. I want my 8 back. 🙁 All the recommended checks they want you to do are way above my head and they have nothing to do with the before and after.. fast to slow. They need to fix it right away or provide a download of Windows 8, like they did the 8.1. That seems fair to me. No warranty?

  3. I am a 70 year old who needs to replace WindowsXP. In reading the comments above, I do not whether to purchase Windows 7 or 8.1. It seems that windows 8 (8.1) has many problems that a rookie non-computer person like myself may not be able to handle. I only use the computer for internet activity and Office. Which would you recommend?

    • @Eric Nadler:
      I’m also over 70 but I’ve been with computers for many years. I find win 8 difficult to learn and also very frustrating. My advice would be stick to Win 7 or else wait for win 9 which is reputed to be closer to win 7.
      Some of my friends have had major issues with win 8 updates crashing their systems…

  4. Iris Johnson: Thanks, pretty close to the same thing. I only have 6 GB of RAM, but my processor is slightly faster at 3.60GHZ. It wouldn't make much sense that an AMD processor would have any advantage over an Intel when dealing with a Microsoft Operating System. My PC is a little higher end because it's meant for office, rather than home use, but I don't see that much difference. Just another HP and Microsoft problem that will probably remain a mystery. Good luck.

  5. I bought an HP Pavilion P6 with an AMD A6 5400K processor, with windows 8 installed. Upgraded to 8.1 without a hitch. I'm curious as to why you had trouble and I did not. If you don't mind, I would like to know what brand of Computer and which processor you are using? I've always been a fan of AMD processors over HP, although it caused me some trouble in recovering the XP operating system on my old PC.

  6. I like Windows 8 just fine. I am running it on a new desktop with my old keyboard, mouse and monitor setup (no touchscreen.) People make too big a deal out of not having the old Start Menu. I worked around it by putting a shortcut to the Control Panel on my desktop. And now the 8.1 option makes it so I can start from the desktop. I jumped from XP to 8 and really don't notice any problems or big differences, just more stuff I can play with by getting free apps from the store.

  7. It is quite funny that a lot of people will run an inferior product because they are resistant to change. In a few years, people will wonder what the fuss was all about.

  8. Excuse the butt in but I need help. My windows 7 locked up in Jan. had to recover. Had loaded avira free virus which is missing a file and I cannot uninstall avira. What do I do?

  9. I made liked XP better than Windows 98. I did not like Vista or Windows 7 better, so I bought a refurbished XP. My Windows 7 died beyond repair, so I bought Windows 8. I hate it. I am now test driving Linux Kubuntu.

  10. I bought a new desktop PC with Windows 8 already installed. I was told by Microsoft in an update that I should update to Windows 8.1 so I did. After installing etc I could not get my PC to work at all. After much help from the HP help line I ended up having to roll my BRAND NEW PC back to factory settings, luckily it went back to Windows 8.0 and now works perfectly well. I will not be eager to install Windows 8.1 with or without the update.

    • I just bought a new PC also and it came with Win 8 installed. I immediately installed the update to Win 8.1 without problem and it is working fine.

  11. They tried to run before they could walk. I know mobile devices are the Next Big Thing, but if Microsoft wanted to ease people into transferring to tablets and smartphones, that's exactly what they should have done: Windows 8 for PCs and a version for touchscreen/mobile devices, with the roll-out of moving completely to mobile devices giving us plenty of warning.

    Get people used to the notion of 'swiping' not clicking with a mouse so that it would be familiar and second nature by the time Windows 8.1 came out.

    Instead they jumped from 7, which had continuity with the other OS that came before, to a whole different way such as scrapping the Start Menu (and yeah, I know you can get fixes to bring back Start in 8, but that's like a car manufacturer bringing out a new concept car without a steering wheel and then telling people "If you want the old wheel, you can buy one from an auto supplies store and install it yourself").

    Plus they tied it in with their new Surface tablet, so the push was "To get the best out of 8, scrap your PC and buy our tablet. No, you can't run it on any tablet you already have or might prefer to buy; you have to buy a new tablet that is our brand".

    Is it any wonder a lot of people said "7 is working just fine for me, I don't want to buy a new device just to run 8, I'm not bothering updating this time"?

  12. Stardock fixes Windows 8 so it is usable again. What Microsfot need to do ia add support to use the track pad on laptops to do screen gestures, you can use gestures on it, but these just move the mouse pointer they don't work on the screen.

    It is time for the developers to switch their brains on.

  13. I had installed a Start Button on the Desktop or Internet Explorer. This made IE or the Desktop run like Windows 7. Plus I used Microsoft Outlook for all my emails just like on my XPS8300 or XPSL501X Laptop. My XPS8500 came with Windows 8 but I knew I could set it up like Windows 7 and still have Windows 8 props. 8.1 wiped out my start button and wanted me to setup my default email in Windows Live. I didn’t want to do this because I was using Microsoft Outlook for all my email like in the rest of my rigs. Plus it wouldn’t accept the password. Tip: Use your Windows Live email and password and save yourself a big headache and a lot of time. Replace or get someone to install a Start Button on your Desktop or even better on IE and you’ll have a page setup like Windows 7. You can learn the rest of Windows 8.1 at your convenience.

  14. I for the most part liked 8 as-is and like 8.1 now. I even ran the Developer Preview and Consumer Preview versions on my desktop. The key though is I now have an SSD equipped 1080 touch screen Ultrabook that accepts the Windows 8 gestures on both the touch screen and touch pad, making it a breeze to use.

    I imagine many of the people who don't like 8/8.1 have crappy regular laptops with a POS 1366×768 non-touch screen and a spinning hard drive.
    I'm sort of with Neil I now have 7 on the desktop, 8.1 on the laptop, I like them both, but I don't want Microsoft updating 8 little by little until it is just 7 rehashed. IOW leave it alone.

  15. You have to let it go, Windows 7 start is just clunky, its old, icons stored in folders it is the worst start menu of them all. I cannot stand my work laptop with Win 7 on it. Windows 8.1 is not perfect but it is very usable, I never click the wrong icon or have to go searching for icons like I have to with windows 7. Microsoft 8.1 start is very much a copy of the Apple interface. Thanks.

  16. I bought a Toshiba Laptop last Spring (2013) and it came with Win8.0.

    I don’t understand about 8.1 – is it going to be available to download (like the security downloads on Win XL)? I did not receive one of those long strings of letters & numbers like the older MS software always had?

    From reading these comments, I can’t tell. Please let me know how I can get 8.1 either now or later. Then I will worry about the upgrade to 8.1.

    PS, I may be happy to learn that this laptop is a piece of throwaway junk. I would then just build another desktop that would take WIN 7-1.

    Thank you,

  17. I did an update back months ago on my Tosihiba laptop and still have not gotten it to work; the laptop period. Had tech guys from my IT provider run me through any and everything and still zip. Pretty much dead in the water.

  18. After all the complaints, I was afraid to move to Windows 8.0 loving Windows 7 Ultimate. I prefer Win 8.0 now. All the anger at the Start button missing, my Win 8 OS has Desktop on one side and Start Menu on the other and either will put you where you belong. Still I question hardware adaptability (or phase out)of my hardware. Some software quit working (like a favorite game) but I was able to find an exact replacement that does work, so I am very happy, especially at the speed of windows boot up and operations. My question is Windows wants to install 8.1 so this update issue is of great concern to me. Should I and why?

    • Remember, that 8.1 ia a FULL OS. That means, that every software you installed from a dvd or similar way( iso-file) will disappear and you have reinstall everything.

  19. I am concerned that its a complete operating system overhaul and change v win8 and that scares me re what I have on my laptop now re unwanted changes that 8.1 may cause. Comments please.

  20. Windows 8.1 WARNING:

    One of the best features of Windows 8 was the ability to have a photo montage/collage of all the pictures on the PC play on screen. It randomly played through folders displaying variously sized and positioned images. This has now disappeared in the 8.1 upgrade.

    Microsoft has completely changed the Photos App and has not really been willing to engage customers in discussions on these changes. The Support Engineers don’t have any other information on they why’s and when’s. No one does.

    The photo montage stood out as a feature my wife used consistently. There currently aren’t any comparable apps in the store. I ended up performing a clean Windows 8 install to regain this feature since there isn’t any way to roll back the 8.1 upgrade and the integrated Windows 8 system backup isn’t recognized in 8.1, thanks.

  21. I fully agree that the user community has had a tremendous effect on Microsoft and we are finally starting to see some benefits of this. It is refreshing that users can get together and push for necessary change. History has shown that Microsoft has not always listened to us, however, only when it really effects their bottom line.

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