Adobe Shockwave Vulnerability Patched

Adobe Shockwave Vulnerability Patched

As many as 450 million computers using Adobe Shockwave Player could be vulnerable to targeted malware that might allow unwanted access to your PC.

If you use Adobe Shockwave Player on your PC or Mac, then you may need to address this issue quickly. Adobe just patched the program with a significant security update.

An official Adobe Security Bulletin post indicates that the firm has released a security fix for Adobe Shockwave Player The fix also applies to earlier versions of the program, and applies to both Mac and PC users. According to Adobe’s post, the fix addresses a pair of vulnerabilities found within the program that could give a hacker permission to remotely take control of the system on which the flawed Adobe Shockwave Player installations reside.

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To fix this issue – Go here to download the patch from Adobe.

This news comes 1 week after Adobe issued an Emergency Patch to address a security issue with Flash Player.

Flash exploit distributes credential-stealing malware
New Flash malware is embedded into documents distributed as email attachments, say Kaspersky researchers

IDG News Service – A new exploit that prompted Adobe to release an emergency patch for Flash Player was used in targeted attacks that distributed malware designed to steal log-in credentials for email and other online services, according to researchers from antivirus firm Kaspersky Lab.

Adobe released new versions of Flash Player for Windows, Mac and Linux Tuesday in order to address a critical remote code execution vulnerability for which, the company said, an exploit existed in the wild. –By Lucian Constantin |


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10 thoughts on “Adobe Shockwave Vulnerability Patched

  1. Subscribing to US-CERT either through email alerts or RSS Feeds gives up to the minute notifications of updates for a range of software patches. Unfortunately trying to get an Adobe patch, especially this one for Shockwave, takes more patience than I’ve been able to muster so I’ve uninstalled it.

  2. I want to add to what Jay said.

    I get really sick of Adobe alerts to patch its damn software but then they block users from doing so. They are f*g hypocrites.

    I have been receiving Adobe patch alerts for years and NOT ONE OF THEM CONTAIN LINKS THAT WORK. Oh, I’m sure they work on computers with settings that allow the whole damn world to access them but they don’t work on a my computer, not with IE or Firefox.

    If they REALLY wanted us to update their products with the latest patches, they’d have direct links instead of forcing us to go through third-party software.

  3. Assuming you just want the patch, you’ve got a lot of reading and searching still to do in order to get it once you click the link you supplied.I gave it up.

  4. Lost everything on my computer do to this big hole in this software(Adobe Shockwave player) using FaceBook 2 weeks ago…a little too late for me!
    I clicked on a picture of a video someone I know posted and 3 sec. later my computer was unfixable, had to wipe the hard drive, I lost everything.

  5. Love PCPitstop emails so much that I can't throw any of them away EVER!! So much helpful info and links to even more. Fantastic resources that I wish I could share with everyone and often do! There is such a great need for this and I am so grateful to all that have contributed there time and efforts to make our Tech filled world a safer and more simple to understand place so that we all may continue to SURF into the future! It helps to fill in the blank space that Tech TV left behind, missin all those greats (Leo, Patrick, Chris, Cat, Roger and all those other Brainiacs) The best of times!!

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