Better Batteries & No More Laptop Fires

Better Batteries & No More Laptop Fires

Researchers at the University of North Carolina appear to be making progress towards a safer & non-flammable battery.

Rare though these incidents may be, no disasters are much better than some, which is why scientists at UNC Chapel Hill are developing a replacement solution.

The team recently discovered that a fluoride polymer known as PFPE shows very little risk of ignition, especially compared to your standard Li-ion battery. (Interestingly, the material also prevents marine life from sticking to the bottom of ships, but that’s beside the point.) Using PFPE to dissolve lithium salt, researchers discovered that the polymer is a viable, non-flammable alternative to the electrolyte. According to UNC, the electrolyte is the “only inherently flammable component” of current lithium-ion power packs, so this discovery could very well pave the way to a safer product. The next step will improving battery cycle performance, with the goal of integrating the material into the standard battery design.–

More information on the UNC research:

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PC Pitstop Sponsored Research on Dangers of Li Ion Laptop Batteries:

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2 thoughts on “Better Batteries & No More Laptop Fires”

  1. Lets give manufacturers a round of applause shall we? I don't claim to know anything, however, it wouldn't surprise me to find thru' interrogation and receiving the truth. That when the market took one of its first big tumbles. You know which tumble I am referring to, it was the one where the meat cleaver was dropped and all across America, Q. C. dropped forever from the roles of employment. I just bet you can look anywhere in what's left in mfg. and find little flaws all over the place. I know for a short time I served as Head of Q.C. at IBM located in Boulder, Co on the diagonal Hwy. I could tell you a few things. I am not surprised Laptop batteries explode today. Mfg. has never really been pressed to produce a great product from the beginning.

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