Another Great Way to Avoid Crapware

Another Great Way to Avoid Crapware

by Jim Hillier for Daves Computer Tips

An online service that will help you avoid the additional crapware that tags along with many software installs.
–PC Pitstop.

Last week we published several articles dealing with the additional crapware which so often accompanies software installations, including a review of the freeware Unchecky. Following a couple of comments from our readers, I thought this was a topic which could certainly be expanded upon.

DCT reader “Tracy” suggested using to avoid crapware, and I agree, this is one online service which should definitely receive more attention.

Avoid Unwanted Crapware Using Ninite

Ninite is an online service which enables users to download and install popular applications without worrying about additional bundling. Ninite supports a good number of popular applications in a wide range of categories. You can download just one program, or multiple programs in one go.

Simply checkmark each application you wish to download and install, then click on the big green Get Installer button. This will download a 260KB Ninite installer, customized for your chosen applications. Run the installer and Ninite will then fetch your applications and automatically install each one… minus any additional junkware:


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4 thoughts on “Another Great Way to Avoid Crapware

  1. Thanks Jim & thanks to DCT reader “Tracy” for
    the cool tip and subsequent page to find
    these downloadables.
    How I truly hate crapware and if Thee had
    a buck every time I mistakenly
    downloaded crapstuf when I downloaded
    dl other stuff I could retire in
    style so far into the countryside you’d
    need a helicopter to find me.
    This site is really valuable.
    Thanks too much.

    Thee Ox & Friends

  2. Been using Ninite for a while – makes it a breeze to install the common utility programs. Shame they don’t have ccleaner & flash. Flash was there…

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