Creating Compressed Windows 8 Folder

Creating Compressed Windows 8 Folder

By Dave Taylor

The Question:I’m constantly sending files to colleagues and would like to compress them to save space. I know that Windows 8 has support for compressed files, but how do I use them?

Dave’s Answer:

While a number of Win8 capabilities are tricky to work with, compressed folders are a breeze. In fact, you’ll be surprised how few clicks are involved in creating a special “compressed” folder and dragging whatever you’d like to include within. Having said that, I’ll also say that this feature hasn’t changed much at all in a long time and works the same in Windows 7, Vista and probably Windows ME and Windows 3.1 if you’re still running that. Well…. maybe not Windows 3.1. 🙂

I’ll demonstrate how to create a compressed folder, but it’s a bit hard to understand what it’s doing: the system presents it as if it’s just a regular data folder, but as you add things, they’re automatically being compressed, and if you attach the folder to an email, for example, it’s actually a file itself with the “.zip” suffix. Weird.

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This post is excerpted with permission from Dave Taylor.

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