New WinPatrolToGo Safety Feature

By Bill Pytlovany

New WinPatrolToGo Safety Feature

Our good friend Bill Pytlovany has introduced a new security feature that makes WinPatrolToGo even more valuable.–PC Pitstop

New this weekend is the release of a little known accessory for fans of WinPatrol. Unless you’ve been paying attention to new developments from BillP Studios you may not have known about the portable version of WinPatrol.

WinPatrolToGo is a single executable file that you can copy to a any folder on your hard drive, on an external driver or a flash/USB drive. It’s a small file that will fit on small portable drives so you can bring it with you where ever you go.

WinPatrolToGo allows you to explore a computer without installing WinPatrol. If you’re the one who gets called when someone has a computer problem you’ll want this program.

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This post is excerpted with Bill’s permission from his blog

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1 thought on “New WinPatrolToGo Safety Feature”

  1. Win Patrol never answer mail. I bought pro and had to re-install and lost my serial number. I sent lots of requests and was never even acknowledged.

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