should you stop using Windows XP?

Windows XP End of Life Pop Ups Coming

Windows XP End of Life Pop Ups Coming

As of March 8, 2014, some Windows XP users will start to see pop up messages that encourage them to upgrade to Windows 8.1 or buy a new PC.

New Windows XP data transfer tool and end of support notifications

On March 8th, 2014, Windows XP customers using the Home or Professional editions who have elected to receive updates via Windows Update will receive an official notification on their desktop screen via Windows Update informing them that support for Windows XP will end on April 8th, 2014.


The notification will include a link to our Windows XP End of Support website where Windows XP users can find all the information they need on the end of support for Windows XP and what it means and how they can stay protected against security risks and viruses after April 8th. The notification will reoccur on the 8th of every month unless disabled by the user.

For customers unsure of what version of Windows they are using, they can go to, a website designed to automatically tell if a PC is running on Windows XP or a newer version of Windows like Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1. If it detects Windows XP, the website provides guidance on how to upgrade ahead of the April 8th end of support deadline.

UPDATE 3/4: WSUS/SCCM/Windows Intune managed PCs will not see notifications informing them that support for Windows XP will end on April 8th, 2014. Only Windows XP PCs (Windows XP Home and Professional editions) who receive updates via Windows Update will see these notifications.

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58 thoughts on “Windows XP End of Life Pop Ups Coming”

  1. A good way to upgrade is grab on old broken or unused laptop (there all over the shop these days) get the windows 7 code off the back then hit ebay and buy a reinstalation disc for under a fiver MAKING SURE ITS THE SAME AS THE CODE U GOT (as in pro or home version etc).. HA HA screw u microsoft I am legit for under a fiver GREEDY BUGGERS 🙁 if approved use this one as know need for my bad language in other post , its just microsoft make my blood boil lol

  2. so they get as close to perfecting an os and they pull this garbage especially after you supposedly own it, i call bs, i wont buy another windows os, i feel ripped off by Microsoft thieves fck off.

  3. Thanks you MS for the many years support.
    Now we can live our lives without it, even if we need to connect to internet only via linux.

  4. Lindsay Penner Most people don't want to change anything. If I buy a computer, I want to use it, not customize it. The average customer for me just wants the basics- they don't know what Themes are, much less do they want to change them.

    If I wanted to customize my computer, I'd use Linux.

    Oh, never mind- I am on Linux.

  5. Lindsay Penner I'd say that Windows 8 is a bad choice for most users, since it redesigns much of the system. The Start Screen is entirely new, hot corners and charms bars are new, and the desktop isn't the default location on startup. Most of the people that I repair computers for (I'd say 85-90%) just want to do three things: Surf the Web, Check E-Mail, and look at Facebook (The last two are really just an extension of the first).

    Windows 8 offers way more customization options than Windows 7 can, but most people don't want/need those options. Most people that I work with don't know or care how Windows works- they just want it to what they want.

    Opinion Part-
    For most people, I'd say that they could work with Windows 8 fairly easily. But, they see no reason to upgrade, as they think that XP/Vista/7 does all that they need (Yes- I still have a fair amount of customers on Vista).

    1. @Lindsay Penner: So Lindsay, you about 12 years old? Had you been around for any meaningful length of time you would soon realise that Microsoft have been using their ‘captive’ audience as their system testers and that the only reason they have supported XP beyond its ‘One Back’ OS policy is because IT WORKS BETTER THAN ANY RUBBISH THEY HAVE CONNED YOU INTO USING SINCE. 3.11, NT and XP are the only claims Microsoft have to releasing ground breaking working OS’s, sure XP required 3 service packs but it works, all the others received NO service packs because they were rubbish

  6. Windows 8 desktop environment looks exactly like Windows 7 minus the start button. Not sure where you get ugly from. The Metro UI maybe? Well that's why you can use Desktop mode if you don't like it…

  7. Please provide one actually valid reason why Windows 8 is bad. Personal opinion must be omitted. If you think it's bad because it's just your opinion, then your point is invalid.

  8. You guys make me laugh! While I love Windows XP which I still have on some of my computers, it’s about time you all got with the times and leave the past behind. Windows XP is more than 10 years old! I also have Windows 7 and 8 and currently use both without any problems.

  9. I guess no matter what Microsoft doesnt care about a truly good operating system and customers who use it because it wouldnt be difficult to continue support and many people would even pay a reasonable fee for such support. I never thought the time would come but Apple is getting a new customer come April. I am shopping now for my new Apple laptop

  10. I will not do anything as my desktop is getting old but i wont be buying a new one until next x-mas. If i have any trouble with XP during the interim time i will not buy anything connected with Microsoft.I.E. i will go to apple!!!!!!

  11. I can’t understand Microsoft. When XP is enough for my work and hobby….why press me to buy Windows 7. Enough is enough.
    Bil Gates en his people can not understand this.
    It is a big JAMMER !

  12. It is still possible to get updated virus checking software for my Win98 SE that I use to play old games.

    So this virus checking software will run on XP as well.

    Went over to Linux when MS first said they were ditching XP nearly 2 years ago and never looked back.

    Win8 is like a smart phone not a computer.

  13. Use XP and did the compatibility for 7 and because of my graphics card and will not pay to upgrade Intel, my laptop could support it but being my graphics card can not handle it so can not upgrade to 7 will never upgrade to 8. I will end up having to keep XP since can not afford to upgrade nor afford to buy a laptop which by the way is over 300 to buy a new one, especially a dell or a Lenevo(hate the other brands(husband has one of them and it was crap and has a newer crap one a HP)

    1. @Alisa: One possibility that I have been doing. Lots of used computers still running XP are available and some are pretty high end in performance as long as you haven’t switched to some of Microsux later software that won’t run on them.

      1. @Howard Waller: I haven’t upgraded, I don’t want to upgrade, if I don’t have to I like to keep XP as long as I can. I do happen to have Antispyware and Malwarebites, on the anti virus(Microsoft’s essentials, but heard they won’t be upgrading or giving virus protection and will not us AVG(elephant ware and the others have to be paid for to get the virus protection)

  14. …You are right Larry Hughes: I'd say, everything that has followed after the MOST USER FRIENDLY XP Professional has got heaps of senseless useless GARBAGE than nobody needs.

  15. I am past 80 years old, have used MS operating systems in business and personally for 35 years. I had xp on my old desktop, and 7 on laptop. They both worked well for me. When i bought a new desktop, it came w/Windows 8. What a nightmare. I have called MS Customer care so often, i know half the population of New Delhi!!! I am sure MS has a dossier on that troublesome old woman in Virginia!!! I still hate 8 and 8.1, but was told that MS has discontinued production of 7. I am stuck with 8.1. It may be OK once i am more conversant with its quirks; but i surely am tired of the learning curves.

  16. I’m still using xp on one computer and 7 with xp upgrade love them both. Alot of my progams and or purchased games runs on xp, windows 7 can still up load and play. Don’t know about windows 8 dont’t care for it or like it will it upload and play xp or 2002 games with sp2 on windows?

  17. I have been using XP on one desk top and one lap top since it came out. I still have one laptop running smoothly on good old Windows 2000 at my office. No problem.

  18. Why can’t Microsoft provide security updates for XP for a reasonable annual fee? They would even make some bucks off it.

  19. Why should Microsoft be able to hold people to ransom? Why should they dictate what operating system we use? In years to come nobody is going to use Windows as there are other operating systems out there that are better and free to use. Linux and the like never hold the user to ransom, so it is time Microsoft forgot about the profits and started to think of it’s customers. Get real Microsoft or go bankrupt.

  20. Everyone should go to LinuxMint….poor XP users are going to flood all MS users w/ viruses ect. in the coming years!

  21. Neville Reynolds

    I bought a new computer and it had windows 8 – My god what a crapper. I just want to do simple things but did not realise I needed to rethink the basics to even find a file setting. Starting to look at apple for the next computer. Microsoft don't care so why should I.

  22. Windows XP sure has been a great one. I had been running Windows 7 since Beta, and I like it. I also like Windows 8.1. It most definitely takes some getting used to. Microsoft, in my opinion had to come up with an operating system that was user friendly for touch screen users. It is quite easy to customize. With 8.1 you can have it boot right into desktop mode.

    1. @Eric:I to still have XP on a comp I use now and again. I like it for mainly older games for the kids. I’ve had all since 3.1 after using a DOS machine,ugh. Favs XP Pro and 7. Linux, trouble free, All the rest, well you gotta like em some says. Win 8 and 8.1 has to get better although 8.1 is not a whole lot better but I/m starting to like it. I currently run dual boot Win 7 pre and win 8.1. to keep with people who insist on staying with the older platforms. On the whole Linux takes the prize in my books.

  23. Jackie Sherwood

    They are so desperate to get people to buy Windows 8. I'm sticking with my favorite OS, Windows XP.

  24. I have stuff that won't work on 7. Plus it would take several days to customize things to the way I like it on there. Also, Windows 8 is just plain ugly. Also, I sell used computers. Try tacking on another $75 to a $75 computer just to put on a new OS

  25. I maintain XP on my home working desktop, and laptop when abroad, for the simple reason that the amazingly efficient editing software I use for my work requires a DOS platform.

    This I have worked with successfully and seamlessly on XP for the past dozen years and many more before that with earlier Windows platforms.

    The person who installed my latest PC last year was flabbergasted that I was working with a system that was a dozen years old … blablablah .. But then he couldn’t or wouldn’t comprehend the simple technical reason behind my platform of choice.

    Why some IT “professionals” are so dumb and holier-than-thou is their problem, not mine.

  26. I don’t know why a lot of people are worried .. a lot of this is just scaremongering and money grabbing by microsoft… windows XP will still function perfectly well long after Microsoft stop supporting it, I have customers who wont upgrade to 7 /8 / 8.1 or anything else for that matter.. some of their pc’s and laptops wont run any sense with any o/s better than XP anyway without upgrading first, (yes there are still people out there running outdated machines and managing perfectly well) some cant afford to upgrade or are elderly and don’t want to learn something different.. from what I have seen its quite simple to carry on with XP.. keep your a/v and firewalls up to date, turn off automatic updates after 8th April (optional)and due to XP not being able to use anything better than IE8, install a decent browser. it should keep going for a few more years.. the time to start worrying is when software developers for browsers, readers, virus protection etc stop supporting it…

    1. @Les: agreed. i wonder if updates should be turned off NOW – so we don’t get the annoying, end of service pop up?? this is either going to be a real money maker for MS and hardware people upgrading XP machines to “something new” or a non event. I’m a little worried about viruses tho.

  27. For ordinary, non-techie users of XP (my computer is a Dell that was configured for XP), a myriad of questions arises.
    I have Carbonite back-up; can that be used to transfer my data to Win 7?
    Can I just thumb my nose at Microsoft and buy an Apple device, then transfer data to it? And how is that to be done?
    Microsoft sure knows how to make enemies!

  28. Why does microsoft want to get rid of all the updates for Win XP? Just because a person gets old, do we not try to keep him updated with new information? And if not because it takes too much time out of our busy schedule, at least have the descency of leaving the updates you’ve made, available to the people that don’t need to spend more money to line your pockets!

  29. If they want me to upgrade, fine. Just give me Outlook Express. That’s the only reason I hold on to XP. I’m not putting all my email online, as in “Outlook”. I want it on my hard drive, and I want to back it up myself.

  30. I've had every version of windows since 3.1, about every third version is crap. XP has been good, 7 is good, 8 is garbage. I have dual boot XP and Linux on my main PC. If I have to up grade I'll go to 7 or just run Linux, take 8 and shove it.

  31. Gypsum Fantastic

    The best option is one they won’t provide i.e. switch your old XP machine to Linux for free…


      @Gypsum Fantastic: Folks like you outta stop plugging Linux. Most of the Linux distros are free indeed, but they suck. You’d be very lucky if you get Linux drivers to allow any of your peripherals to work.

      1. Gypsum Fantastic

        @ALLAN F. JUPITER:
        Well I’ve been dual booting my old XP PC with Ubuntu Linux for the past 3 months and everthing I need to do with the machine works perfectly, i.e. browsing, streaming video, alternative Office s/w suite.

        I do have a Windows 7 laptop which has now taken over as my primary machine, so the old-XP machine mainly just needs to act as a web portal now, or act as a backup were my laptop to screw up.

      1. Gypsum Fantastic


        I used these instructions.

        May need an element of technical understanding but the article and links within it tell you all you need to know.

        One extra tip I have is, if you have a second hard disk then install Linux on the second disk. Or if you only have one disk create a new partition to install Linux on.

        You may prefer to go fo Linux Mint ( instead of Linux Ubuntu. I don’t have experience of Mint myself but (rightly or wrongly) have the impression it may be easier to install/use for non-technical users.

  32. Wayne Winkworth

    I know at some stage there comes a time to say goodbye to “old faithful”. But I still have quite a few clients who are still clinging on to XP, because it works with their current apps and are fearful of any change that may crash their system. So until then, i better back up any available info or update regarding XP. ROB, I agree with you, it does look like something those low lifes would stoop to, I am following your advise too and also am informing my clients.

  33. Gosh, it seems to me that if there actually that many users continuing to use XP then it could be a large market for companies that would agree to continue supporting the operating system.
    My own situation is that I am using a desktop that is relatively older, but still useful. If I go and upgrade the OS I am going to be concerned that it doesn’t slow the CPU down too much. Another issue is that certain applications won’t work on upgraded systems. That’s a lot to lose in one foop!

  34. Just wondering if all the updates from the past to present will be made available in a download-to-disk form.

  35. Is it just me or does that End of Support box with a link look like a very easy device to duplicate by the Malware delivery low-lifes?
    I will be advising all my customers not to click on the link, but to enter ‘Microsoft XP support’ into a browser.

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