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Microsoft has announced that on April 8, 2014, the Redmond company, will cease to offer support for their incredibly successful operating system, Windows XP. Microsoft will stop offering security patches, and support for Microsoft Security Essentials for the 13 year old operating system. Despite the fact that XP still represents over 20% of all Windows users, Microsoft offers two solutions. 1) Upgrade to Windows 8 or 2) Purchase a new computer with Windows 8. Although Microsoft suggests that they no longer can afford to support these users, it appears that it is more of an effort to create incentive to sell their latest struggling operating system, Windows 8.

Under this back drop, we have decided to continue support for Windows XP for as long as there is demand. We believe that computers do not grow old if they are properly maintained. On top of that, our unique security including application white listing will continue to support all recent versions of Windows including XP. As Microsoft indicates there is a cost to include XP in all future releases of PC Matic, but that cost is quite small in relation to the 20% of customers that require it.

Just like a fine old car, we believe that there are millions of road ready XP computers out there that are not ready for the trash bin. As long as there is adequate memory and disk space, XP computers should be perfectly fine to navigate the web, do email and photos.

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17 thoughts on “PC Matic Continues Support for XP

  1. Thank you for your response. As a 77 year old
    all the codes, tags, attributes might as well
    be in greek. Have no idea what they mean bu just a simple answer to my original question
    would be very adequate. Thank you!

  2. Re your alleged help for xp happy users, is this just a virus-type program, or more like what Microsoft used to do for xp users. I don’t know what they were doing but since it came from Microsoft we assumed they were doing everything necessary. Are you proposing to do what they did? I hate windows 8!!!!!!!! Please respond to my e-mail. Thank you!

  3. 8.1 is a free update from microsoft. There are not a more current version than 8.1. I would like to know how pcmatic can protect your computer with out access to the XP source code to provide service packs, hotfixes, etc. I honestly feel its a scam. They (pcmatic) may be able to protect against viruses. However i dont see how they can protect you from exploits like the most recent Internet explorer one.

  4. Hey Rob,
    Thanx to MS and their greed, I hope you make a gazillion dollars with pcmatic. I only wish I could buy stock in your company!

  5. I have XP, Microsoft had me update to Widows 8 now they say I need 8.1 version or buy a new computer. My neighbor just got a new computer and it has Windows 7 on it.. I don't understand all of this , I am almost 68, living on SS and I don't have a money tree in my backyard to go buy new computers.

  6. I have used XP since the beginning, and altho have Vista I still prefer XP, so knowing that PC Matic will continue to support XP is a great comfort – I am too old to change now!

  7. I have a PC with Windows XP platform. I have Norton IS on my machine and ran PC Matic virus protection at one time which caused confusion. If I take the IS off and just ran the PC Matic virus protection on it, are you saying I will be ok?

  8. Well, aren’t you just too clever, Chuck! They misspelled a word!

    If that is the only comment you can come up with… in appreciation of the fact that they are willing to continue to provide support for Windows XP for all of us… I think being grateful that they can do it and also that they always code so well is a better way to go.

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