How to Make a System Repair Disk

How to Make a System Repair Disk

By Bob Rankin

Step by step instructions on how to create a repair, recovery or rescue disk.–PC Pitstop.

When something goes horribly wrong with your hard drive, a system repair, recovery or rescue disk can get you back up and running. But there are several types, and vendors don’t always provide these when you buy a new PC. If you don’t have one handy for your Windows operating system, now is the time to make one. Read on to learn how…

An Ounce of Prevention…

If your Windows computer won’t start normally from the hard drive, a system repair or recovery disk can usually fix the problem. Note that these disks cannot be used to install or re-install Windows. It’s just a stripped down bootable Windows interface that can be used for recovery tasks such as Startup Repair, System Restore, and some other tools.

Startup Repair is an automated diagnostic and repair program that attempts to analyze and fix corrupted startup components on the specified drive. Choose it if your hard drive won’t boot or Windows will not load.

System Restore returns your Windows installation to a state saved at an earlier date, called a System Restore Point. System Restore Points are automatically created at various times, and you can always create one manually. The idea is to roll back your system in time to a point where it was working normally. (See Fix Windows Problems With System Restore.)

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Excerpt shared with permission from Bob Rankin.

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