11 Search Tips Even Google Experts Love

11 Search Tips Even Google Experts Love

by Katharine Knibbs for Techlicious

11 ways to quickly and easily search Google and find what you are looking for.–PC Pitstop.

Searching the Web for information is a skill. Yes, you can enter a term into Google and find information, but by using a few simple tricks, you can quickly and easily whittle down your results to get exactly the information you’re looking for.

Start out by simply asking Google a question. What’s the weather? What’s the stock price of Fanny Mae? Be specific and you’ll often get the results you need. If not try the following tips.

1. Find new stories

In general, putting a year or date in your search term will help limit results to more recent entries. However if you want to limit your results, Google lets you search by the past hour, past year or create a custom date range. You’ll see this option when you click on Search Tools.

2. Search for a specific phrase

When you’re looking for search results for a specific phrase, put your search term in quotes. For example: “Internet privacy.”

9 More Google Search Tips

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