Study Finds New PCs Loaded with Malware

Study Finds New PCs Loaded with Malware

A new study conducted by IDC and commissioned by Microsoft reveals some troubling statistics that illustrate the depths of the global malware and pirated software problem.

Perhaps most shocking:

The study, sponsored by Microsoft and published this month, found that nearly 46 percent of computers purchased from common distribution sources – such as computer specialty shops, resellers, and local markets – came with dangerous malware, including viruses, worms, Trojan horses, rootkits, and unwanted Adware.


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15 thoughts on “Study Finds New PCs Loaded with Malware”

  1. This article is as misleading as it is short. It is not referring to “New PCs” produced by major manufacturers such as HP, Dell, Acer, etc. These PCs don’t come with pirated software. The link that is provided in this article refers to PC that are assembled from parts and sold in as new local markets primarily in Asia-Pacific countries. I gather from reading the comments that NOBODY actually read the article past the title.

  2. Robert Caldwell

    My partner has bought two different computers (took the first one back) and both have required hours with Geek Squad support to undo all the malware/adware that was on them.

  3. TC Capulcu StClair-Armstrong

    This news does not surprise me in the least. For years now, I have been wiping my new computers as soon as I have bought them and then installed the 'bare bones' OS before legalising my own licence key. Not only was the computer immediately more responsive but the space reclaimed was quite substantial.

  4. You better believe it ! I bought a new Dell all in One last August and had advertisements popping up everywhere to the point I couldn't do anything with it ! I finally downloaded Malwarebytes and ran a scan. Found 146 items that needed removed. It worked fine after that !

  5. I hate to say but i believe it……..i just bought an Acer laptop and 1week after i had it………i got some mental malware that broadcast a radio or tv channel over it…….it was a biotch but i finally got ti removed with AVAST antivirus……no other malware removers could touch it……….

  6. I notice that this article is mainly concerned with malware that traveled along with pirated legit applications. What about other vectors? Also, a breakdown by category of malware would also have been nice to have.

    1. @rocketride:
      yes, the article referenced said people buying computers with pirated software have problems.

      New computers from legit sources in the USA frequently have trial versions of many products
      ( bloatware ) but that isn’t malware.

      Buying a used computer from craigslist is asking for problems

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