XP Wallpaper-Most Famous Photo Ever

XP Wallpaper-Most Famous Photo Ever

The incredible story of the XP Wallpaper ‘Bliss’ image – now considered one of the most viewed photos of all time.

As the world mourns (or not) the end of the road for Windows XP—as of Tuesday, Microsoft is no longer offering support for the operating system—Microsoft Netherlands has posted this nine-minute film on its YouTube channel all about XP’s famous default wallpaper.


The backstory is told by Charles O’Rear, the photographer who snapped the iconic picture, aptly titled “Bliss,” in 1996 along a California highway north of San Francisco (reports seem to differ on whether it’s Napa or Sonoma).

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8 thoughts on “XP Wallpaper-Most Famous Photo Ever

  1. The grass looks very green and carefully managed by someone. Nature will not do it naturally unless a big fire destroy the previous grass so a new growth can be seen.
    What about paying royalties to the people who own that place where the picture was taken?

  2. It's amusing that he thinks that flat-screen displays can have a more accurate color display than an old CRT. It's the old digitial-is-always-better-than-analog fallacy. Analog CRT monitors display colors more accurate than flat screens possibly can. LCD monitors always have a maximum number of colors it can display; CRT monitors have no such limit.

  3. Very interesting. One thing that struck me was that in just a few years, the true origin of the photo was being forgotten and reinvented. If Charles O’Rear was not around to tell the correct story, there would be a new, revised, and completely incorrect story attached to it by now – which everyone who heard it would believe.

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