1 Million New Malware Strains per Week

1 Million New Malware Strains per Week

Historical data from Virus Bulletin reveals an alarming trend.–PC Pitstop

By Stu Sjouwerman, for KnowBe4.com Security Awareness Training

Virus Bulletin came up with some interesting historical facts. In 1989, when the very first Virus Bulletin rolled off the press (produced in a black-and-white, printed pamphlet style), there was only one subscriber and there were only 14 viruses known for the IBM PC. Five years on in 1994 there were over 3,000 viruses known to researchers, and here are the approximate numbers from there on out.

These numbers are an aggregate from several sources like AV-test, and antivirus vendors like Symantec, Sophos and Avast. As you can see this is exponential. New malware strains are created on an industrial scale at about 1,000,000 a week now. No wonder that traditional antivirus can’t keep up anymore and that it’s time to “do a 180” and use a whole new way to protect workstations…

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This excerpt appears with permission from knowbe4.com.

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14 thoughts on “1 Million New Malware Strains per Week”

  1. Why does everybody think that by dumping windows and using Mac or Ubuntu or whatever weird named OS is the panacea? Virus and Malware writers are not stupid. They follow the money trail wherever it leads them. Give me a break!

  2. Philip Robinson

    If Everyone used an Anti Virus and Anti Malware Programs , i’d guess up to 25% of Pc users Don’t Run Either , Shame .

  3. The best way that I have found to keep ahead of the hackers, virus makers and etc. is to use the internet as little as possible. I have been doing this for years. When I need something from the internet, I connect, find what I’m looking for, download it or purchase it and disconnect entirely from the internet as well as my internet server.

  4. And when the bulk of users switch to Linux or Macs, the virus writers will change their focus to those operating systems. Switching now may decrease the risk, but there is no such thing as an operating system that is not vulnerable to malware and there never will be.

  5. The writers for viruses, Malware and other PC maladies should be prosecuted, this is such a waste and loss of time. Their processes are only leading to one of 2 things; transfer to a mac OS or the death of the internet. Not only do I run an virus scan every day with MSE, but do not open any unk email. And I think I am fairly savy after using PC’s and workstations since the mid 70’s. It is so sad the state of the internet junk.

  6. all of this malware rubbish could easily be stopped but it would also stop big brother spying. Its a juggeling act, how to make the the system secure whilst still neing able to evesdrop.

    1. @Victor Lawson: It is far to easy to use Linux, instead of trying to keep a PC uninfected. I have run Mepis Linux since 2007 when I could not keep Vista loaded and running in a new system build.

      I purchased a mouse a long time ago, and use it for all commands in Linux. I currently run MX-14 Linux on this 2008 vintage system.

  7. Barry J Vincent

    It’s only a matter of time before the internet as we know will cease to be functional because of this malware ect phenomenon.

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