100 Firefighters Battle Laptop Battery Fire

100 Firefighters Battle Laptop Battery Fire

Last month, 100 Pennsylvania firefighters from 10 different fire departments were required to battle a blaze caused by a laptop battery explosion.

Exploding laptop battery sparks apartment fire in New Holland

An exploding battery in a laptop computer sparked a two-alarm fire at an apartment complex Sunday in New Holland.

A neighbor noticed smoke and called 911 around 2:40 p.m.

…the explosion set off three separate fires in the living room of the second-floor unit.

About 100 firefighters from 10 area departments responded to the blaze.




–Posted: Jennifer Todd | lancasteronline.com | Sunday, March 23, 2014 8:26 pm | Updated: 1:31 pm, Mon Mar 24, 2014.


What caused a laptop battery to explode and start a fire?

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8 thoughts on “100 Firefighters Battle Laptop Battery Fire

  1. I fail to see what this has to do with using and running PCmatic – avoiding battery problems like this is just common sense, full stop. If you’re not sure, then switch it off, end of.

  2. Make sure you watch this video and read this **If you have a laptop computer *Unattended* connected 24/24 PLEASE DISCONNECTED THE ELECTRIC CORD CONNECTED TO YOUR LAPTOP COMPUTER ** before going to sleep 🙁

    • @Dora Smith:

      Dora, if you click the link of the embedded article’s headline it will take you to the original article at lancasteronline.com … at the bottom of that article, there’s a link to “Related story: What causes laptop batteries to explode?” … I guess “The Pit Crew” could have saved us all that clicking by providing the link on this page! 😉

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