37 Reasons to Junk Java

37 Reasons to Junk Java

by Jim Hillier for Daves Computer Tips

The trail of Java vulnerabilities and patches rolls on. Reminder: PC Matic automates the process of identifying outdated applications (like Java) and downloading the latest updates.
–PC Pitstop.

The saga of Java and its inherent vulnerabilities goes on unabated. The latest Java update includes patches for no less than 37 security holes, and that’s just the ones that have been identified. I’d love to know just how many individual patches Oracle has released over the past couple of years in what is seemingly a futile attempt to shore up its seriously flawed software… the words “colander” and “sieve” spring to mind.
According to Oracle’s official announcement, 4 of the 37 Java vulnerabilities received a Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) rating of 10.0, the highest/most severe possible.

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These excerpts are shared with permission from davescomputertips.com.

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45 thoughts on “37 Reasons to Junk Java

  1. 37 Reasons to Junk Java

    by Jim Hillier for Daves Computer Tips

    The trail of Java vulnerabilities and patches rolls on.

    ***********Reminder: PC Matic automates the process of identifying outdated applications (like Java) and downloading the latest updates. –PC Pitstop.***********

    The saga of Java and its inherent vulnerabilities……

    This is at the VERY beginning of the article… if this isn’t BAIT to sell some software, I don’t know what is….!

    • @Mike:

      To clarify (as posted in the comments previously) – this article originally appeared at Dave’s Computer Tips with no PC Matic mention or sponsorship:


      We are sharing the article on techtalk.pcpitstop.com and in our newsletter with permission of Dave’s Computer Tips. The mention of PC Matic was added by PC Pitstop – as noted.

      You will find that the majority of posts that appear here – have the same PC Pitstop notes at beginning of the article.

  2. David Hartsock Still, to junk Java on computer doesn't that mean they can't develop things based on Java anymore? If there is an alternative to Java then good.

  3. The problem is that java is the code base of many devices we use like blue-rays, media players, tvs and smart electrodomestics
    So good luck trying to get rid of it besides if the problems are in the latest versions just don’t upgrade it or use an older version

  4. html5, linux, Qt5, c++……
    java is not the only sandbox 🙂 (no matter how easy it is to program.. )
    there comes a problem along with it.. the 5billion java coders who just know java (or dont have enought nerves, brain for wasting time with c)

    lets make more corporations and let each of them write their own language… smart >.<'

    i wonder where we would be if we had something like github in the 80s, 90s

  5. I haven’t installed Sun Java in over a decade and somehow I manage to survive. If a site or program can’t function without Java than it isn’t worth using.

    Can’t wait til I can get rid of Flash as well. It’s astonishing how slowly websites run because people took a program designed to run simplistic animations and decided to make it do, well, everything. Learn some HTML, people.

  6. this is just stupid if you give us a suggestion to get rid of java then also tell us where to go and what to use in its place

    • @annemarie: Stupid? What, exactly, do you need Java for? If it’s mission critical that you have that functionality then keep Java updated religiously and disable it in your browsers (if possible). If not simply remove it.

  7. OK we hear junk Java but what's the solution? So much now days require Java to run. We can put man on the moon, destroy our planet in the time span of hours through Nuclear devastation, and we find planets that can't even be seen with the human eye, but no one can come up with a solution to plug the holes in Java? Have gotten to the point that we can find problems programing but have no solutions to the vulnerabilities? We want those who we purchase hardware and software to create solutions for the mistakes and/or spyware/malware created to attack the great investment Americans invest into our computer needs. As we see it the hardware and software companies which have let us down!!!

  8. I junked JAVA about a month ago on all of my computers. Guess what? I don't have any problems going to any websites, using Youtube, playing movies, paying bills online, Ebay, Netflix etc… Thought I might run into problems but so far so good.

  9. “If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem.” This seems to apply to this article.

  10. I agree where do we go without java but what is more worring is how reliant we have become on a piece of software , users of pc have become slaves to software. We are all on a leash wherever java goes we will follow , or stop doing what many enjoy.

  11. As a developer who codes client/server and web applications, Java is a junk language to even consider in a business application. ColdFusion, Flash, PHP, etc will all work much better and will provide for a more secured website. The unfortunate aspect, is a programmer who does not know any better, has learned Java and is all that they will code in, businesses think “Oracle” is a safe/sound business solution, so their languages much be, is not a true statement. Most sites that use Oracle as a backend, have been convienced that Java is their front-end by Oracle/Ellison. But the gravity of the situation is that Java is more riddled with security flaws, that Microsoft’s platform looks like Fort Knox. Unfortunately the people who make the decision about which language to use, are not typically technically evolved, they just purchase an Oracle db and figure Java is safe and secured. Again, these same people who make these decisions could care less if you have been infected from a breach in Java. They do not have to code the lanages, they do not have to apply the security patches and they do not have to clean up the mess when a hole in Java has caused an infection from one virus/trojan or another. They simply do not care. It is up to the end user to start dictating what you will put up with, and so far, you have said you will put up with Java even with its foibles of computing. Developers have pleaded with management regarding Java and its issues, but again, management could care less what the outcome is to its end-users. End-users need to say, “no” we are not going to subject our workstations to this maddness anymore and I will NOT use your site. There are many other sites available to use that do not use Java that could be alternatives, make sure you drop a note stating, I will NOT use a site that uses Java. Interesting the comments of armchair end-users who have not a clue about development. I personally, do not code in Java, nor do I use a site that uses Java. I always leave a message to the site that uses Java, that I refuse to allow them to compromise my system because they have refused to update their systems. There are a whole realm of other languages/products that could be used, you just have to research and educate yourself.

  12. Ive always believed in pointing out a ‘problem’ and then “fix” it. There is absolutely no reason to bag something if it is needed and can’t be replaced.
    In the ‘real world’, PC Pitstop….. when its been raining/snowing/too hot…… what can we do…?
    PC…. please dont present a challenge if you have NO recourse.

  13. What about all the inherent vulnerabilities in Windows? If all of them were added up then there has been more then the 37 listed for Java. Also if Java is junked, what replaces it to make sites work correctly?

    • @Rych: If Java’s update history was but a shadow of Microsoft’s you wouldn’t be reading this article. 🙂 Also, don’t confuse Java with Javascript. They are not related and most sites do not require Java.

  14. Yes, we all know that Java has inherent and horrible problems but when your browser, smartphones, and even computer games all require it to run there is nothing else you can do about it but try and find a fix.
    Telling everyone how bad something is without even a suggestion or idea of how to overcome it only adds to the billions of other complaints already plaguing society.
    Thank you for yet another pointless and already countless insult to how bad Java is.

  15. No Java? Okay, then what does the sites run on? What does Android run on? What do games run on? "What about the 3 billion devices that Java quotes in their installer run on?"

  16. Are the Java exploits on the user end or at the Java-based web site??
    BTW, please don’t publish my email address 😉

  17. This is the type of article that infuriates readers. It points out a serious problem without suggesting a solution other than to use PC-Matic to update the faulty program.

  18. So we know Java = JUNK, but where do we go, what do we do since so many sites we use NEED Java ? It would be nice if you went the extra step…

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