The End of Moore’s Law

The End of Moore’s Law

By Leo Notenboom

Processors are not getting faster as quickly as they once did – but they are still improving.–PC Pitstop.

CPUs may not be getting faster as quickly as they once did, but Moore’s law isn’t really about speed; it’s about circuitry. We’re still improving in many other ways.

My current computer is about 8 months old. It’s still being sold at Best Buy as new computer for about the same price. Also, many of the other models are about the same as mine. Nothing like this was around a decade ago. Is Moore’s law finished? Have we hit a barrier in new computers for speed? Or is it market forces that are simply responding to good enough computing?
Moore’s Law is often inaccurately quoted as saying that computer speeds double every set number of years. In reality, what Gordon Moore observed some years ago is that the number of transistors that can be packed on to a single chip was doubling roughly every two years.

Now I can’t tell you whether that still holds true. There are certainly physical limitations manufacturers must be encountering at some point, but some other interesting things have been happening as well.

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This excerpt appears with permission from Leo Notenboom.

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2 thoughts on “The End of Moore’s Law

  1. I will be glad when the day comes when moores law ends then the standard manufacturing of processors will take place and there will be many processors of the same size come on the market flooding the market where computers and cell phones will be for the tens of dollars not the hundreds and the money that goes into processor industry research will go back into the working mans hands and not get ripped off by this system, in one way yes you payless for a better computer but some one else is paying the price for the process in which it is acting on society, then balance will come back to the global economy. TERRY FRASER CALGARY CANADA, I bless the day when mooores law ends.

  2. Moore’s Law has nothing to do with speed. It concerns the number of transistors per unit of square measurement.

    Speed may be a result of this.

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