How to Install PC Matic on Multiple PCs

How to Install PC Matic on Multiple PCs

Step by step instructions for installing PC Matic on multiple PCs.
Keep in mind, with a PC Matic Home license – you can install PC Matic on up to 5 PCs.

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For customer service issues with PC Matic (lost license keys, re-download, refunds) please go to our customer service page.

PC Matic User Guide (PDF)

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16 thoughts on “How to Install PC Matic on Multiple PCs

  1. I just got your email earlier them Window 10 deceided to upgrade the system and now PC Matic is totally gone. can you send me that email again so I can down load it on my new computer, PLEASE????
    Mike Middleton

    • Hi Michael,
      If you go to and click “Free Download”, it will download onto your computer. Then you will need to login using your PC Matic credentials. If any additional assistance is needed, please reach out to our support team at — thank you!

  2. I am trying to reinstall my Pcmatic program into my computer but I can’t seem to find where to do it. I had it downloaded on this computer but the hard drive went out and had to get a new hard drive. What do I do?

  3. digging for but couldn’t find.

    How many computers can I install the 50 dollar basic system in?

    Evergreen: How much for 2 computers?

  4. I purchased a New computer for my wife Leanna. I took over her computer. The Dell computer is gone due to widows 10 download. My Laptop is over heating so it will be gone soon. I need to down load PC Matic on this computer it is a Lenovo Machine. Tell me how or do it for me.

    • When your computer in overheating, normaly is due a lack of maintenance, so you’ll need to take a service center or with a computer guy and tell them to do maintenance to your equipment, they will need to disarm completily your computer and make a Deep clean up, this is because with the time the laptop sucks dust inside the system and need to be remove manually.

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