Using Microsoft Office in Chrome

How to use some of your favorite Microsoft Office applications with Chrome for FREE.–PC Pitstop.

Using Microsoft Office in Chrome

By Alan Buckingham for MakeTechEasier

Not long ago Microsoft updated its free office suite, moving away from the Web apps and completely revamping the service, including the name. Now known as Office Online, the company followed this move by making it available for Chrome – both the web browser (Google Chrome) and operating system (ChromeOS).

Sure, you can still visit the OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive), but you can also install apps within the browser and OS. Three of them have been made available – Word, OneNote and PowerPoint. If you’re using a Chromebook you can even pin the apps to the taskbar, where they will line up next to the apps that are pre-installed by Google.

What It Is and How to Use It – Article Continued Here

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