The Best Browser

A six month study by Techlicious reveals the browser that offers the best combination of ease of use, speed, safety and privacy.–PC Pitstop.

The Best Browser

by K.T. Bradford for Techlicious

With our lives being so connected these days, most of us spend more time using our web browser than any other computer program. A great browser makes for the best Internet experience, so choosing the right one is a necessity. And right now both PC and Mac owners have a lot of choices. There are the default browsers, Safari and Internet Explorer, plus dozens of others that work on both platforms. What makes any of them better than the others?

The best browsers are simple to use, speedy, hog as few computer resources as possible and keep you safe from malware and third-party tracking. On top of that, browsers should offer a wealth of customization options, tight integration with sites and services you use often, robust tab and window management, and syncing across computers and mobile devices.

There are five browsers that have most or all of these qualities: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera. Of these, Chrome and Firefox offer the best experiences across the board and have the advantage of being available for all major operating systems and many mobile devices. After using both browsers extensively for over six months, I found Firefox to be the superior browser. Read on to find out why.

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12 thoughts on “The Best Browser

  1. Chrome is my 1st choice, if I need to open more than 20 tabs at the same time, I would use firefox.

    Sometimes I use IE to browse some old websites which have browser compatibility problems.

  2. I wish to comment on one Firefox vulnerability: Whenever you click on a link on the website, an unrelated ad will pop up in it’s place and I’d have to close it and click on the same link again to get my correct web page. There have been instances when this annoying non-related ads will pop up again (twice) before I can be allowed to be directed to my proper link….

    • Maurice, if you click on the menu block in the upper right corner, then on options, in the advanced area you put a check in the block that says “warn me when websites try to re-direct or re-load the page” this should fix your problem.

  3. To each their own, but IE 10 remains my primary browser (resizes what I want resized, but still crashes occasionally and has no way to block content/ads). I also use Firefox (with adblock plus and NoScript for Facebook and and Opera (love the block content feature, its as quick as Firefox and it resizes only the tab that I want resized).

    I can't stand how when resizing a tab in Firefox it resizes every tab at the same time – deal breaker for me as I often have dozens of tabs open at once.

    If Opera rendered all web pages properly (literally half that I visit, it does NOT) it would be my browser of choice.

    I have Chrome installed as well, but don't trust Google's privacy beliefs to use it.

    I've never gotten a virus from any browser, and disable flash and java on all but the few that need it, and I know better than to click on banners. I'm a system builder/repairer who removes malware as part of my living. While I don't trust Google for a browser, their secure search website (just add an "s" in back of "http" to make it "https") is a valuable tool in my arsenal – and where I go to learn how to remove malware. Anyone can do the same and find step by step instructions, so not like you must be a system builder or computer savvy to remove malware. Much simpler than reformatting your hard drive.

  4. Matthew Muller many popular downloads include conduit now. Another example is the DivX installer from DivX website. Bit of a shame that it caused anyone to reformat their computer though, as conduit is easy to get rid of. I've installed many different versions of uTorrent (currently using 3.4.1) and never gotten conduit, although I'm also using Unchecky and know enough to refuse/decline any offers during installations of freeware.

  5. Arizona Coleman you get conduit from utorrent, it's well known, i installed chrome recently, only got conduit after installing utorrent. You must have got chrome from a dodgy source

  6. Matthew Muller umm….no, i was talking about chrome and you can lump torch in with that too since they're synonymous. i just got done dealing with it.. or do you know how to read.

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