Worst Tech Companies for Data Privacy

A new report from the Electronic Frontier Foundation shows some companies are making progress in better protecting your data privacy – while others have a long way to go.–PC Pitstop.

Worst Tech Companies for Data Privacy

by Fox Van Allen for Techlicious

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) released its fourth annual “Who Has Your Back?” report on data privacy today, revealing that private companies have made major strides in protecting consumers’ data from wide-reaching government requests for data.

The Who Has Your Back report awards companies stars for doing each of the following: requiring a warrant for content, telling users about government data requests, publishing transparency reports, publishing law enforcement guidelines, fighting for users’ privacy in court and fighting for privacy rights in congress. Apple, Google, Microsoft, Dropbox, Yahoo, Twitter and Facebook all received a perfect score of 6 stars, a major improvement over last year’s EFF report.

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This excerpt appears with the permission of Techlicious.

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