Did TrueCrypt Die?

The TrueCrypt project may have suffered a very quick death. Leo looks at what it all means, and most importantly whether or not you need to take action–PC Pitstop.

Did TrueCrypt Die?

By Leo Notenboom

That was the question circulating on internet support and security forums and discussions after the TrueCrypt site was unexpectedly replaced with a message that presented several potentially dire, and yet very vague warnings.

Like many, I’ve recommended using TrueCrypt for years, and in fact I’m a very heavy user of it myself.

Is it dead? I honestly don’t know yet. I hope not.

I’ll review what we do know, what I’m doing, and what I recommend most people do. I’ll also try to answer common questions, and keep this article updated as new information comes in.

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This excerpt appears with permission from Leo Notenboom.

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