Block Unwanted Emails in Gmail

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Block Unwanted Emails in Gmail

By Kim for MakeTechEasier

Cleaning up your email inbox may not be a top priority on your to-do list and with good reason. It’s a tedious and repetitive task, and while you might get a clean inbox today, it probably won’t stay that way tomorrow.

While Block Sender is a great method of managing your inbox, a free account only allows for four blocks per month. To block unlimited senders, you will need to subscribe to their Pro plan for $29/year.

If you’re looking to block unwanted emails, particularly from certain senders who send you unsolicited messages, an extension for Google Chrome called Block Sender is a great solution. The extension blocks any sender you specify in your inbox, then replies to the sender with a fake message failure notice. As a result, the sender will stop sending future messages and will take your email address off a mailing list.

Upon installing the extension, a new tab will direct you to Gmail. If you’re already logged in, it should display your inbox.

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