Almost Forgot I Was Using Windows 8

Almost Forgot I Was Using Windows 8

by Richard Pedersen for Daves Computer Tips

With just a little time and effort – you too may forget you are using Windows 8.
–PC Pitstop.

Naysayers Beware

I’d like to begin by addressing those who would deride Windows 8.x. Either you haven’t given it a reasonable amount of time, or you fall into this group: “The Old Resisting The New”.
If you are part of the former group, then spend more time. If in the latter, then even with today’s best microscope I can find no sympathy. “Education is the best provision for old age.” ~ Aristotle
A third possibility? You are part of both groups in which case I am a flibbertigibbet. If that is the fact, I apologize… I think.

My Windows 8.x Use For The Last Few Months

I don’t see my use of Windows 8.x as debilitating in the least. To the contrary, it has been a wonderful experience. Using Windows as my main operating system over the past few decades has caused me to learn a set of rules– a standardization of sorts that I have come to expect.

In 1983, Microsoft introduced Windows. It was a Graphical User Interface (GUI) designed for its own Disk Operating System (MS-DOS).
I say “of sorts” because there is no bona fide standardization. It all seems to be an unspoken rule that certain buttons will be where we expect them. Drop Lists, Edit Boxes, Spinners, and so forth will all behave in a certain manner. Microsoft violated its own “rules” with Windows 8.x. And that’s what ticked everybody off.

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7 thoughts on “Almost Forgot I Was Using Windows 8

  1. No reason to use win 8. 7 is rock stable on this overclocked machine. No bsod. Blogger was bragging about no bsod on what. No problem with 7 either. When they put the start menu back where it belongs I may take another look. I dont care to "pin" stuff to the task bar. I run a lot of robust programs including some games and 7 works fine. 8 is different, it is not better. Its like if all of a sudden car companies decided to switch positions of the brake and gas pedal…makes no sense to change something just for the sake of change.

  2. I would like to upgrade my PC from Win 7 to Win 8 but the install fails somewhere near the finish. I have Win 8.1 on my laptop.

  3. Here’s the problem, as I see it … Win 8 obsoletes a lot of hardware, and software, while offering no real advantages over Win 7….

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