Create Torn Edge Effect in PowerPoint

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Create Torn Edge Effect in PowerPoint

By Ellen Finkelstein

Sometimes you need to show part of an image. This is especially common when you’re showing a screenshot of a document or form. I can think of 2 reasons for this:

The image is too big to show clearly on the slide
You want to focus the attention of the audience on a small portion of the image
When you do this, it’s helpful to provide a cue that you’re showing only a portion of the image and one way to do so is to show the cut-off side as a torn edge.

I’ve shown this effect many times in webinars and participants asked how I did it. The truth is that when the image is a screenshot, I create the effect in Techsmith’s SnagIt. (I love SnagIt.)

But it’s possible to create this look in PowerPoint using the Edit Points feature. First, here are a couple of examples.

The original is on the left and the torn edge version is on the right.


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This post is excerpted with the permission of PowerPoint Tips.

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