6 Reasons to Love Windows 8

Richard Pedersen breaks down his love for Windows 8.
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6 Reasons to Love Windows 8

by Richard Pedersen for Daves Computer Tips

Windows 8.x – Stand By Your Man

I have received many criticisms for my pro-Win8 stance over the past few months. Many are telling me that my position is unwarranted and that Win8.whatever simply sucks. Well, I’m going to take a stab at bolstering my position with the following defense…

I know I go on about the wonderful benefits that Windows 8.x offers, but I have good reasons for this. It is, simply put, a better system.

I will rave about this until one of two things happen. Either I run out of steam, or my readers will out-number me both in stamina and strength. I suspect the latter will show true force in the end.

Point 1. It’s Faster

When I was running Windows 7 as my main operating system, it generally took a minute or two to get to the desktop. That was with the very same Sold State Drive (SSD) I am using today.
My current boot time, from hitting the Power Button to a usable desktop is roughly 17 seconds. I think that is an admirable improvement.

Point 2. Everything That Runs On Win7 Runs On Win8

When I was running Win7, I had all sorts of games and other demanding programs that needed attention. There is not a single one that I own that does not run perfectly, and better, in the Windows 8.x environment.
That includes drivers. Windows 8.x has never once given me a hiccup when it came to drivers. And they are generally a big issue where operating systems are concerned. That is not to say they don’t exist. I simply have yet to find one.

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These excerpts are shared with permission from davescomputertips.com.

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7 thoughts on “6 Reasons to Love Windows 8”

  1. I have one PC running Win 8.1 64-bit which is used exclusively to run one midi-relay, Java-based program. That PC is never used for anything else and, yet, Advanced System Care Ultimate frequently has an "unhappy" face and wants to run a scan to take care of problems. I have a Win 7 64-bit PC, used for surfing the web, email and sound work and for which I run ASC Ultimate about once a week, even though it rarely shows the "unhappy" face. All told, I prefer Win 7 over Win 8.

  2. I am running a few year old AMD dual core system, 64 bit, 4 gigs of ram. I had xp on it for years, then went to 7, on to 8. I agree with the author, 8 is just better, no driver issues at all or old games even.
    It also like he mentioned in the article boots MUCH faster than xp or 7. I also run classic shell for a xp/7 standard desktop file system arrangement. Simply better and faster with same hardware overall. Mike

  3. Branislav Pakić

    If you click (windows button)+p on your keyboard a menu will slide in. Selecting the "duplicate" option should show the image on both screens.

  4. Kathy McDowell Bellamy

    I was running Office XP on Win XP. I was able to use a projector in PowerPoint and see both the projected screen and my monitor simultaneously. Win 8 will show only the projected screen; the monitor is black. I refuse to buy the new Office. Win 8 is a loser.

  5. Before you read my comment, understand I’m certainly not a Windows guru 😉 I’ve just upgraded from XP to Windows 8.1, and trust me that was a real culture shock navigating my way around for a while (I’ve only had the new upgrade about 2 weeks). This helped me & maybe it might help your girlfriend to get her head around the new interface.

    Think of Windows as having 2 main screens 1/ the “start” screen where all the icons are & where all the main stuff is you work with is stored, and 2/ The Desktop, where you actually work & do stuff like write emails etc. Look, I know pc geeks would laugh at my analogy, but it sure has helped me adjust. The other thing that has become my very best friend is the ‘Windows Key’ on the the keyboard, which allows you to toggle between the 2. Also watching tutorials on Youtube, and my bible “Windows 8.1 for Dummies” were, and continue to be a big help.

    Good luck 😀

  6. That's all well and fine. YOU come to my house and explain to my girlfriend why the interface is so horribly bad with win 8.

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