Laptop Battery Explodes ‘Like a Bomb’ – Injures Woman

Laptop Battery Explodes ‘Like a Bomb’ – Injures Woman

MIDDLETOWN TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) — Fire officials in Bucks County are investigating what caused a laptop computer to explode, injuring the woman who was using it inside her Langhorne Manor home.
“It blew up. It flipped my computer back and the battery pack and all came out this way,” Loretta Luff recalled, “The next thing I knew, my shirt was on fire, I grabbed that and took that off and I think that’s when I singed my hair.”

FOX 29 News Philadelphia | WTXF-TV

Langhorne Manor laptop burn victim: ‘I’m doggone lucky’
First, she heard a barely noticeable noise, which was followed by a faint chemical smell. The next thing Loretta Luff knew, her shirt was on fire.
Also on fire was her 6-year-old Dell Inspiron laptop computer, which she had been using for about a half-hour.
The laptop then exploded, propelling the battery pack and pieces of burning debris through the air. They landed on the carpet causing roughly a dozen little fires throughout the living room. Scorch marks were found as far as 6 to 8 feet away from where the laptop was sitting.
“It was scary,” the 72-year-old Langhorne Manor resident said Tuesday.
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Sony Recalls More Laptop Batteries – July 2, 2014

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Laptops Are Still Exploding

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22 thoughts on “Laptop Battery Explodes ‘Like a Bomb’ – Injures Woman

  1. There’s nothing common about common sense. Let’s buy a device with a long, public history of fire and/or explosion because that will never happen to me … but if it does, lets make as much noise as possible and maybe they’ll buy my silence with a large cash settlement.
    Good luck with that.

  2. Do not allow your pc to overheat always monitor the temperature of the laptop by touching the bottom every now & then to determine if it is really hot, warm or normal, if its hot you have more than one options; make sure the laptop is on a flat surface never put it on a a fan at the back or side of the laptop, buy a port replicator /docking station place the laptop in it each time you about to use it simply turn off the laptop when ever it get hot as a PC TECH i advise pc & gadgets users to know their pc and gadgets also remember too much heat can cause battery in any device to explode..

  3. I didn't dismiss your comment. I pointed out that it simply wasn't common sense. Again, if I have to do research to know about it, then it's not "common sense."
    Common sense is going to a doctor when your leg hurts. Find a dictionary, you might learn something.

    Who's a teacher? What are you talking about? Make sense dude.
    What grown man even plays with remote controlled cars anyway?

  4. Then both do some research before dismissing my comment with innocence. Then look to the right of that video, with the two round holes in your head, your see its a common occurrence. Sorry but what's a 9 volt alkaline battery goto do with it? Sorry but if you didn't know why putting 9 volts into something that runs of 3volts fried and the battery was ok, then perhaps you shouldn't be a teacher!

  5. Common sense! Maybe for a chemist or something but not for any average Jane or Joe. I have also never had a toy blow up that was run on batteries. I did have a TV remote go up in smoke about 25 years ago. It ran on a 9 volt battery and the battery was fine…just the remote fried itself…

  6. Common sense…

    If it were a requirement before the purchase, sales would drop drasticly. It is amazing how many people there are that don’t have sense enough to come in out of the rain.

    1st off a laptop is a PORTABLE device and a mojority of people use them as a desktop computer and it is plugged in 24/7.

    2nd this has been in the news for several years now. How can they NOT know something like this could happen?

    3rd does anyone read the owners manual beyond how to turn the thing on?

    Just because it is called a laptop, that is probably the worst place to use it. The vents get blocked from the clothing, causing it to run hotter.

    This particular laptop was 6 years old. How many times was it cleaned? I know a desktop is much easier to clean but they could at least use a air can to blow through the vents just remove the battery and cord first.

  7. Hello,

    Let’s see. Lithium batteries were found to be catching fire and blowing up in laptop computers.

    Then lithium batteries were installed in battery powered cars, and were found to be catching fire and blowing up in the battery powered cars.

    Then lithium batteries were installed in airplanes, and were found to be catching fire and blowing up in airplanes.

    I think we have a problem here. And it’s not lithium batteries catching fire and blowing up.

    The problem is that some people are not learning that lithium batteries catch fire and blow up.

    By the way, in the airplanes, they are building stainless steel containers for the lithium batteries to contain the explosions. How about just using a different kind of battery?

    Just My Thoughts,
    Bill Moore

  8. The laptop itself did not explode the battery did, most ;ikley a cheap n name replacement instead of the dell one which is more expensive but made to higher standards , I have a newer dell it does not eve get warm on my lap, I had an older Toshiba that you could fry eggs on.

  9. Her laptop was 6 year old and the replacement battery (origin unknown) was 3 years old. So, even though I agree that they have resolved the issue, there are many of the older ones out there.

    • Are you serious No he’s not kidding you. Wake up boy. With reports of lithium batteries catching fire and exploding in devices such as mobile phones and Laptops through to aeroplanes and manufacturers like Sony, Dell and other recalling thousands of Laptop batteries, it makes perfect common sense to remove the battery from a laptop when it is being used as a desktop. To ignore the warning signs is not only stupidity personified but completely irresponsible. I can hardly believe you’ve been rated as a top commenter. We all here about the different senses such as: our 5 senses, the 6th sense which obviously you don’t have and then there’s common sense which going by your comments is the least ommon of all your senses.

      • @Jock: There is only one problem with your logic and that is that some laptops will not work if you remove the battery pack when you are using the laptop as a desktop.

  10. What causes the fire, is when the protective casing, splits/cracks or is punctured due to heat or decay, then its simply the air interaction that creates the fire. If anyone has had a remote control car your know this is a common occurrence, even worse for petrol based toys. Yes its dangerous when it happens, but this is how these powerful battery's work. Unless consumers remove there mindset of everything super-thin-and-light with no compromise on power or battery life then it will continue to happen more and more. Want it to stop then dont leave the thing charging all night all day, take the battery out if you use it like a desktop, its common sense!!!

  11. Best to buy a laptop that can operate as a plug without the battery installed. Use the battery only when it is needed. This will reduce the risk of battery fire and explosions.

  12. She had a chemical fire which we all know is the enemy of those types of batteries. Probably was full of greasy dust,a clogged venting system and overheating! Blow the dust out regularly everybody.

  13. I never got to see the “exploding whatever” video. All I got was Ford ads. I am not in the market for a Ford or whatever else you are selling. I tuned in to see the supposedly legitimate problems with a laptop. Pity!

  14. I had thought they resolved this issue some time ago. Here I am sitting on the couch with my 11 month old laptop sitting on top of my jewels with concern enough to start sweating.

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