Windows 8 is Tracking Your Location

Windows 8 might be tracking your location and sharing it with applications running on your PC. Learn how to disable this feature.–PC Pitstop.

Windows 8 is Tracking Your Location

By Damien for MakeTechEasier

Anyone who keeps up with the latest technology news would agree with me that, while we enjoy the perks of connectivity and mobility, we have privacy problems. We are so swept away with the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, and trends that sometimes we are unaware of the data collected from our devices.

Mobile devices and laptops now come with a location services feature. Once it’s activated, your vendor – whether it’s Microsoft, Blackberry, or Apple – can track your location and likewise the third-party apps you install. The good thing is that you can deactivate it if you don’t want to be tracked, and you’ll be saving more battery power too.

Understanding the location-based information feature

Windows 8, unlike Windows XP or Vista, comes with a built-in location-based function. Once activated, it will check your location regularly and provide the information to apps like Maps, Weather, Travel, Google Maps and other productivity and tracking apps.

This feature is available on Windows 8-based tablets and notebooks, and if it’s not disabled, your whereabouts are sent to Microsoft servers.

The initial Windows 8 setup prompts users to either allow the OS to activate this location-based information feature in its applications to find your location and scout useful data such as weather, stocks, latest news, etc., or to just disable it.

If you’re concerned with privacy settings like me, or if you’re anxious about being snooped on, you might want to turn off the location-based function on your Windows 8 system.

Here are the instructions for turning off location request on Windows 8.-Article Continued Here

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