3 Things You Must Know About Windows 9

3 things you should know about Microsoft’s next version of Windows – due out in 2015.–PC Pitstop.

3 Things You Must Know About Windows 9

By Damien for MakeTechEasier

It’s that time again. Microsoft has decided to place its bets elsewhere after the bet that mobile-desktop fusions would actually pan out in the end. After suffering disappointment from public reactions to Windows 8 and its Modern/Metro interface, it’s decided to up the ante a little bit and release a completely new operating system that follows a different formula. Sometime in 2015, Microsoft will be releasing Windows 9, and we’ve got a little bit of the scoop regarding what it will look like and how it will work. It’s time to put aside whatever we may feel about Windows 8 and see what Windows 9 might have to offer.

1: Windows 9′s Interface Will Adapt To The Device You’re Using

Windows 8 was a pretty stable system with some great features, but all of that mattered little when you were greeted by the “Start screen” or, as they call it, the Modern interface. Many users did not take kindly to the system when they first tested it, and the operating system’s poor sales were a reflection of the negativity surrounding this attempt to unify mobile and desktop experiences. Microsoft made a very risky bet, and it really didn’t pan out very well after the fact.

With Windows 9, however, it seems as if MS is rethinking its strategy and hoping to distance itself from the fallout that was its previous OS iteration. Windows 9, instead of offering both worlds at the same time, will change and adapt its interface according to whatever you’re running it on. Codenamed “Threshold”, this new operating system will detect whether you have a keyboard and mouse. If you do, you’ll be opted into the desktop experience. The absence of these peripherals (and the presence of touch-based hardware) will trigger Windows 9 to load up a mobile platform.

This has to be one of the most significant improvements to the system’s user interface. It certainly would disgruntle users much less than Windows 8 did.

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This excerpt is shared with permission from maketecheasier.com.

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5 thoughts on “3 Things You Must Know About Windows 9

  1. XP is only dead if you let microsoft influence you. They want us to buy all the latest windows, I beleive windows 9 will be out next year at the latest. I am still using XP with Panda antivirus and WILL NOT CHANGE! Just buy a good antivirus load SP 3, all the previous updates can still be down loaded yes, XP is definately the best but don’t rely on free antivirus offers. SO, DON’T BE CONNED BY MICROSOFT AND OTHERS WITH A FINANCIAL INTEREST IN WINDOWS SALES! Jack Spratt.

    • @Jack Spratt (Dean):

      Panda Antivirus is no good on an operating system that will no longer have fixes as there will be a lot of security holes that won’t be fixed. It will basically be like a prison fence with a hole – there will be a high risk.

      The real question is why should Microsoft support a very old operating system with security issues and flaws when they have more newer better securer versions out. Vista while plagued with compatibility and speed issues at least had better security than XP with Windows 7 often being praised as having Vista’s security and XP’s speed and reliability.

      I should also point out when XP came out it had lots of its own criticism.

      The bottom line is there are lots of risks using XP

    • @Joseph D. Lowman:

      Windows XP is dead and cannot be revived. It’s based on something too old that it would need constantly fixed. While obviously Windows like all OS’s will have issues, they have improved over the years.

      XP if anything is holding Microsoft back. People using it will probably be the same people who complain when they get infected using an old unsupported OS

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