Control Your PC Without a Mouse

Control Your PC Without a Mouse

A startup called Thalmic Labs is on the verge of releasing the Myo, an armband that allows you to interact with a computer through motion commands. Sensors in the device measure the motion and electrical activity of a person’s arm, allowing it to figure out the specific hand gesture someone is making.
HuffPost Tech | 7/15/2014

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8 thoughts on “Control Your PC Without a Mouse

  1. It would seem that no fine control can be had with such a device. It might be good for gaming (I don’t play that type of games–just FreeCell). Can you imagine trying to get to a specific cell in a table or cell in a spreadheet or database using such. I can’t. I use a trackball at work, it is less stressful to my hand than a common mouse. Even the tochpad on a laptop is better than this for fine point control.

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