Signs You Have Been Hacked

Tell tale signs and symptoms that you have been hacked.–PC Pitstop.

Signs You Have Been Hacked

By Bob Rankin

Anti-malware programs are awesomely sophisticated these days, featuring heuristics, real-time monitoring, and reputation systems; and still they fail to keep bad things out of your computer! You are the last line of defense against hackers and malware, so you should be familiar with these symptoms that your computer or online account has been compromised…

Tell-Tale Signs You’ve Been Hacked

Sometimes the best security software in the world can’t protect you from yourself. If you click on anything that moves, use trivial passwords, or download from sites that are not trustworthy, you might as well open the door and invite the bad guys in for a party. Other times the attacks are very clever, and may catch you off guard. A link in a carefully crafted email can take you to a rogue site designed to steal your password or banking credentials.

Fake virus warning messages are almost as old as antivirus software, and they still work. When “VIRUS DETECTED! Click here to delete it NOW!” appears on-screen, people often rush to click. After all, who remembers what the real warning message of an antivirus program is supposed to look like? But when you click on the fake warning it can lead you down a rabbit hole.

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Excerpt shared with permission from Bob Rankin.

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