5 Ways Ransomware Will Get Worse

2nd generation ransomware will be more sophisticated and more likely to avoid detection.–PC Pitstop

5 Ways Ransomware Will Get Worse

By Stu Sjouwerman, for KnowBe4.com Security Awareness Training

Since September 2013, ransomware has become vicious and has inspired several copycats. At the time of this writing, summer 2014, the very first strains of second-generation ransomware have been identified.

The five reasons that these strains are called second generation are:

1. They use the TOR network for their Command & Control (C&C) servers which makes them much harder to shut down.

2. Traffic between the malware that lives on the infected machine and its C&C servers is much harder to intercept.

3. Second-gen ransomware uses super strong cryptography which makes decrypting it yourself impossible.

4. Compresses files before encrypting them.

5. Second-gen ransomware is built as commercial crimeware, so it can be sold globally to other cybercriminals. It Bitcoin ransom amounts that the “customer” can specify and a choice of which files types will be encrypted, so that the criminal can compete and differentiate themselves.

What can be expected in the next 12 months? – Article continued here

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