Get Paid to Fix PCs

Get Paid to Fix PCs

Online PC repair resource iFixit is partnering with Microsoft to inspire ‘new repair businesses around the world’.

Full disclosure: PC Pitstop has recently entered into an affiliate relationship with iFixit

iFixit and the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher Program (RRP) are proud to announce the Pro Tech Network—a free, comprehensive program designed to make it easy for people to start new businesses fixing cell phones, tablets, and computers. iFixit and Microsoft aim for it to create thousands of new repair businesses around the world.

The Pro Tech Network is a free online resource to empower people to create their own economic opportunity. And since it’s a collaborative platform, repair techs will be able to share their knowledge and learn not just from us, but also from each other. The Pro Tech Network is a resource built for repair businesses, by repair businesses—that will spur on the repair industry as a whole.

Link to iFixit’s Free PC Repair Guides

The PC Matic MSP platform offers a great compliment to the Pro Tech Network.

PC Matic MSP is a simple to deploy; powerful cloud-based endpoint performance optimization and security solution that automates the routine maintenance that is necessary to keep your clients systems running at top speed. PC Matic MSP features comprehensive reporting, remote management capability and a valuable prospecting tool – that will maximize your profitability and increase your service efficiencies.

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1 thought on “Get Paid to Fix PCs”

  1. I've never thought about it before but it is a great time saving method, besides having hardware difficulty's in which you cannot run software. I've been with p.c.pitstop since 2002 and learned manually to maintain computers very efficiently. Although this process takes a lot of time, it can be shortened in 1/4 the time with pcmatic. Good indo here.

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