Is Microsoft Moving Backwards with Windows 9

Is Microsoft Moving Backwards with Windows 9

By Onuora Amobi for

So once in a while I come back up for air and will write about Windows here and there.

I’ve been too busy with my other business but I saw a quote from a blog the other day that really caught my attention.

The exact quote was:

This makes quite a bit of sense as we have heard that Microsoft wants to move on from the current Windows release to make Threshold feel more like Windows 7, with just the right amount of Windows 8.1 tossed in.

The idea is that if they can make Windows 9 feel more like Windows 7/XP, it will make the transition easier for legacy users but they, by no means, want to do away with Modern apps. The apps will live on but will also be able to run on the desktop in a window.

The takeaway I got from this quote was that Microsoft is trying to unravel Windows 8/8.1 and make the whole thing look and feel a lot more like Windows 7.

Win8_pro_logoThat way lies the path to ruin for the Windows franchise (not Microsoft, just Windows).

Let me explain.

Having the benefit of hindsight and over 8,000 posts on Windows, I can tell you that most people missed the real lesson behind Windows 8.

Windows 8 was a good example of Microsoft doing exactly what they should have been doing. INNOVATING. defines innovation as:

something newly introduced, such as a new method or device
the act of innovating
Notice it doesn’t say anything about acceptance, popularity or profitability.

Windows 8 was radical, it was new, it was unlike anything we had ever seen, it was unique. It was innovative.

The problem was, it didn’t work. You see, that’s the dirty little (open) secret about true innovation, it doesn’t always work.

So now, Microsoft is faced with a stark choice.

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14 thoughts on “Is Microsoft Moving Backwards with Windows 9”

  1. Have you tried Windows 7? I loved XP, but like Win7 even more. It runs faster on any computer than XP does, especially on older computers. It's a lot more secure than XP, and is still supported by MS. IMHO, Win7 is more like an enhancement of XP. Win8 on the other hand, sucks. Of course, there are some interesting improvements, but so many other things that outweigh the good. The metro or Modern interface is a waste of space. Most of the apps are primitive and incomplete. They are like a poor man's version of the IPhone and android apps. Soup up Win7 with some of the good things from Win8, and you would have a winner. If that is the plan for Win9, sign me up!

  2. Their need to 'stay rich' prevails over common sense. Many people, especially the old, cope well with XP as their needs are SIMPLE. Having 'new', just because it is, ceases to matter with old age, yet the internet is a wonderful facility for contact without even moving one's bum ! When I reinstalled XP last week, Microsaft (saft is West Bromwich for 'soft' and means silly), told me to get a new computer ! Arrogance and cheek. I lectured in all things electronic for 26 years, yet my nubile phone gets used about 10 times a year. Why ? Important messages only. I know kids are born today with a bent right arm glued to the right ear, but we were not.
    There's room for all of us. Just move over a little !

  3. Tito Patrick Kibiego

    I also stuck with XP until 2012 then switched to Windows 7. I have to say it's actually pretty good, in fact it ran better than XP on my circa 2007 desktop (no upgrades mind you). Windows 8, on the other hand, is horrible for me, too many "innovations" that I found unnecessary.

  4. I reluctantly transitioned to 8.1, and found it difficult to navigate at first. Kept working and finally came to a point that I was somewhat comfortable with. I loved 7, and think that if 9 is a blending of 7 and 8/8.1, it might possibly be the best of both. I especially like the idea of my apps being more accessible. Looking forward to seeing what this new kid on the block has to offer. I am by no means a computer wiz, nor am I a young kid that this comes natural to.

  5. Bull! Windows XP did everything I needed. It was much easier to run and understand. Even considerin the supposed new features couldn't Microsoft left the basic use in place? I do not like 8 and going to resist it as long as I possbly can.

    1. @William Dwyer: To each his own..I have both XP and Win 7 machines along with Suse Linux. Suse is my number 1…Win 7 is great for gaming and XP
      is left behind. It will not run everything that I need and the equipment that it runs on will not suffice for everyone. Not downing XP it just does not cut it any more. Microsofts problem is they want the entire market and they cannot have it because everyone sees it differently. By the way I see nothing intuitive about Win 8 it buries the controls to deep but is probably Ok for a non technical user. As much as I use varied OS’s it was frustrating to get to the control panel app. I didnt like the default panel in Win 7 either and changed mine. PLEASE dont ask the government to FIX is impossible for them. Try KDE if you like the XP experience(but show some patience) it is still a little different.

  6. Microsoft continues to violate the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it rule." The most stable, useful version XP worked well for me but for no other reason than to extort $$ from millions of users. I was considering upgrading my computers but after reviewing Windows7 I decided not to. I do not like it and don't want to use it. Microsoft's alleged improvements has only made it more difficult to use. I don't know why they wouldn't have left the usability of XP in place. I have also reviewed Windows 8 and it is worse. Not only that but it requires a huge upgrade in equipment. My existing machines cannot run it efficiently. It is about time the government stepped in and put a halt to this never ending practice of gouging money from users. The same goes for MSOffice. The alleged improvements, enhancements since '95 do not justify the additional costs. Don't Bill and Melinda have enough?

  7. Norma McGibbon Coetzee

    Windows 8.1 is simply the best operating system ever.It is fast.,intuitive and for those who are not blinded by anything new and are prepared to spend a little time to learn the system will find themselves richly rewarded.I have used all Microsofts Operating Systems from the first and nothing compares to 8.1.We are all happy to learn new mobile systems but complain when Microsoft come out with a new OS.

  8. Interesting. That is exactly what my computer guy told me re WIN8 when it first surfaced (previous DEC engineer). “Well, the problem with this WIN8 is that it simply doesn’t work.” As a result, I did a dual boot with WIN7 and UBUNTU. Microsoft’s job is not to “innovate” for the sake of innovation. Their job is to make products that are useful for customers. Actually, making something useful is far more difficult. No excuses.

  9. I’m a computer illiterate w/windows xp on my primary computer. I acquired a chromebook laptop to handle on-line activities. It’s driving me insane and pc pitstop has been no help. What does an insane computer illiterate do? Will win 9 save me?

  10. It would be great because Windows 8 seems that the only interest was to aim touchscreen users when no every users like or want a touch screen scenario. Some people like the point that can be changed with 3rd party software, but then again..why i need Windows 8 if Windows 7 is good.

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