Are You Being Stalked Online?

What to do if you think you are the target of an online stalker.–PC Pitstop.

Are You Being Stalked Online?

By Leo Notenboom

What do I do if I’m being harassed, bullied or stalked online?

Online harassment is common problem, and exceptionally prevalent among children. We’ll review some of the issues and steps to be taken.

Normally, this is where I’d quote the original question.

This topic appears in so many different guises and in so many different ways that quoting a single question would represent only a slice of a much larger issue.

Call it what you will, cyber-bullying or online harassment is a frighteningly common occurrence. Those most at risk appear to be children and individuals who’ve been in abusive domestic relationships.

The questions I get most often are:

Isn’t it illegal?
How do I find out who’s responsible?
How do I make them stop?
How can I get back at them?
I’ll tackle each one of those, and a couple more.

Isn’t it illegal? – Article Continued Here

This excerpt appears with permission from Leo Notenboom.

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