Hackers Crash the Yacht Club

Hackers Crash the Yacht Club

by Andrew Buckmaster BurnWorld.com

Hackers Breached the Security of the Chicago Yacht Club Servers

This past July 31st, the Chicago Yacht Club sent an email to its members. The letter announced that hackers breached the security of the Chicago Yacht Club servers and that the breach may have involved their personal data. According to Commodore Gerald Bober, the situation started when the club’s computers experienced a crash on June 15th. The crash led to a thorough investigation of the club’s entire online system. On June 21st, the security firm hired to investigate the crash discovered malware on the club’s servers sometime in early May. They determined that this rouge software caused the crash. According to the report, the server in question hosted membership data. Luckily, this server did not hold financial data to pay for the membership.

The site uses a third party for any account payments. The third party was not involved in the security breach incident either according to Bober. According to the club’s official statement, the malware breach may have accessed sensitive data such as names, addresses, and financial information (such as bank accounts or credit card numbers). Currently, the Chicago Yacht Club will fix the breach by replacing point-of-sale servers one by one and preventing unauthorized breaches from now on. Regardless, this news made quite a few members of the Chicago Yacht Club uneasy about the safety of their accounts.

Former members of the club reported some seeing suspicious transactions. So, I encourage anyone who had any relation to the Chicago Yacht Club to verify his or her accounts and closely monitor his or her bank statements. Be on the lookout for any suspicious activity. Should you become a victim of a security breach like this in the future, I prepared some useful steps to take. First of all, allow your account holder to help you out in the event of a breach. In this particular case, the club offered some temporary protection services to their members with the help of the AllClear ID team. As mentioned before, the second thing you should do is closely monitor all of your bank statements. Don’t forget to notify the authorities in the event of something more serious such as identity theft.

The Chicago police are currently investigating the breach. So far, I haven’t discovered any news updates regarding the perpetrators of the crime. But even though there’s no clue yet on whom the author(s) of this malware file, we can easily speculate as to the motivation behind the security breach. The hackers who breached the Chicago Yacht Club servers most likely wished to use this data for future illegal activity ranging from identity theft to financial theft. We could also assume that the group possibly sought to target specific members of the club in order to damage the reputation of the club itself.

The Chicago Yacht Club is definitely a rich target, considering how many high-profile business actors can be counted among its members. A few members of the club include the insurance businessman Pat Ryan, developers Dan Walsh and Elzie Higginbottom, members of the Walgreen family, Rocky Wirtz (the owner of the Chicago Blackhawks), Michael Daley (the brother of the former mayor), Marsha Serlin (owner of the scrap metal company), Dick Lohan, (an architect), (the attorneys) Tom Demetrio, Patrick Harrigan, Ted Tetzlaff and the accounting executive Lester McKeever. That’s just to name a few of the more affluent members. As you can probably see, the hackers stood to gain quite a bit by breaching the security and financial information of such people. Luckily, no one reported any significant losses. Hopefully, the authorities will keep the situation under control and secure before any real damage can be done here.

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