Taking Care of a UPS

How to care for an UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply.
–PC Pitstop.

Taking Care of a UPS

By Terry Stockdale for TerrysComputerTips.com

One of the great non-joys of using a computer is the impact of a power outage. Not just the issue of not being able to use the computer, but there’s the problem of the spreadsheets, word-processing documents, and even email programs you have open when the power goes out.

Whether the power outage, or the power blip, is due to damage to the electrical distribution system caused by a thunderstorm, a preventive shutdown in anticipation of a hurricane expected within hours, or even local damage caused by an auto accident, loss of electricity can cause you to lose the daa on which you’re working at the time.

Maybe the power just blips for less than a second…but you see the unpleasant sight of Windows rebooting, and realize that you have just lost your open work files.

If you’ve done saved your data occasionally, you probably aren’t hurt too badly. But, if you have been working for a couple hours and haven’t saved, you have a problem.

One of the ways we can solve this problem is to use an Uninterruptible Power Supply — a UPS

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This post is excerpted with the permission of Terry’s Computer Tips.

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3 thoughts on “Taking Care of a UPS

  1. I lost power and it caused my boot sector to be corrupted. I had to wipe the hard drive and reinstall everything. Luckily I had a back up drive but it was a pain so I decided to get a UPS. I went to a big discount store but didn't see one. I asked the lady working in electronics if she had a UPS. She looked at me funny and said, "We don't ship anything."

    I just shook my head and left.

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