Promise of Nude Celebs is Prime Phishing Bait

Those designing phishing scams know that the promise of nude celebrity photos will be too much resist.–PC Pitstop

Promise of Nude Celebs is Prime Phishing Bait

By Stu Sjouwerman, for Security Awareness Training

There is a new (true) Current Event which unfortunately is the ultimate click bait. A hacker got into the Apple iCloud and hacked the account of Jennifer Lawrence and many other celebs.

Apparently she had made nude pictures of herself and they are all out there now. You would think these celebs would have learned by now, but no. Sigh. Apple has patched a bug that would allow brute force attacks on their iCloud, and this may have been how the hack was done, or it could be passwords that were simple to guess.

The cyber mafias are already working on campaigns to exploit this event and there are going to be a very enticing phishing attacks over the next few months. I would send your users something like this:

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