Malware Hidden Behind New Name is using a new name to deliver malware that can “hook deep into the system, hijack browsers and search engine”.
–PC Pitstop. Malware Hidden Behind New Name

by Jim Hillier for Daves Computer Tips

The moral of the saying is; changing something’s name does not change its inherent qualities. Perhaps somebody should mention that to Corp.

For years Corp has been enticing users into its web of adware riddled software and toolbars per medium of cutesy smileys and emoticons available through its pernicious FunWebProducts suite. As users’ awareness was raised by tech sites revealing the true nature of FunWebProducts, including such nefarious titles as MyEmailStationery and MyWebSearch, so the suite has ultimately waned in popularity, until nowadays we rarely hear of it.

Not to be deterred, Corp figures they can overcome what can only be described as a less than stellar reputation by hiding behind a different name, Mindspark Interactive. Indeed, if you read through the information on Wikipedia pertaining to Mindspark Interactive, you’ll see a convoluted history of ownership and name changes.

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