270 Solutions to Common Windows Problems

Microsoft’s Fix It Center is packed with 270 solutions to common Windows problems.–PC Pitstop.

Resolve Common Windows Problems with Fix It

By Bob Rankin

Are you having a problem using or understanding certain Windows features? Are you getting error messages you don’t understand? Having trouble with audio, video, printing, or getting connected to a network? Maybe you’re concerned about privacy, security or performance. If so, the Microsoft Fix It Solution Center might be able to solve the problem with just a few clicks…

What Kind of Problems can “Fix It” Fix?

Most of the time Windows works just fine. You point, click, and your program opens; your document prints; your music and videos play. But occasionally, things get fouled up — it could be due to malware, poorly written application software, hardware glitches, or obscure bugs in the operating system.

Perhaps your Word document won’t open… you can’t install a new printer… a certain file can’t be deleted… or maybe your system is freezing up, crashing or displaying error messages that are laden with geeky jargon and hexidecimal codes. The Microsoft Fix It Solution Center can help with these and many other common problems.

There are over 270 solutions in the Fix It Center as of this writing. That’s a large number but they’re organized well and clearly labeled. In the first step of using the Fix It Center, you can narrow down the scope of your search by specifying what you’re having problems with. Step 1 asks you to select a problem area, such as Top Solutions, WIndows, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, Entertainment, Office or Other.

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Excerpt shared with permission from Bob Rankin.

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