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Windows 9 Screenshots Leaked

Windows 9 Screenshot Leaked

A German website has leaked Windows 9 screenshots from a source that has contracted with Microsoft. The images appear to be from version 9834 of the Windows 9 technical preview – possibly the basis for a long expected public demonstration of the new OS.

Digital Trends takes a closer look at what these images tell us about the next version of Windows.

The new Start menu
The revamped Start menu, which Microsoft teased back at Build 2014 in April, looks very much like other images we’ve seen of it before.

Despite the fact that Microsoft is recommitting itself to the classic desktop experience, these new images once again show a Start menu that has a very Windows 8.1-ish look to it.

To the right of the list of programs and apps you can open are shortcuts of Windows 8.1 apps like People, Calender, OneDrive, Mail, the Windows app store, and more. You can open, uninstall, unpin, or pin things from the Start menu by right-clicking on them, and then selecting the action you desire by left clicking on it.


Many more Windows 9 images here

…now the same source has revealed a video of the new-look Notification Center in action, which you can view below. As we’ve said before, there’s no guarantee these leaked features are genuine or will make it to the final build, but they’re fun to check out anyway.

The video, shown off on the WinFuture YouTube channel, shows a user clicking through the Notification Center that pops up in the lower right hand corner of the desktop. The alerts cover system events (like the removal of a USB drive) and program notifications (such as incoming Skype messages). The notification pane can be displayed or hidden through an icon on the taskbar.

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New Animations

It’s refreshing to see Microsoft finally giving some due attention to the design side of its next OS. This newly leaked Windows 9 video provides a glimpse at some novel new animations.

Novel new animations for the windows, that is to say.

These are visible whenever you launch a new app or maximize a window. Subtle changes, but additions like this should improve the overall experience, while giving some more eye candy to the user interface of the upcoming operating system.

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53 thoughts on “Windows 9 Screenshots Leaked

  1. Windows 8.1 (and 8.0) look identical to Windows 7 on my computer. I have both running in my home office, and cannot tell the difference by looking at the desktop. Yes, the silly "Metro" UI is present, but invisible unless you deliberately call it up.

    Again, 5 minutes to install Start8 eliminates the only honest objection to Windows 8.x The rest is either people hallucinating (the OS doesn't include extra apps; that's your PC manufacturer's doing), or prejudice.

  2. Brian Preble It may be poinless to you, but not to me. The look and feel of Windows 8, not to mention the start menu issue, is totally absurd. I have an iPad, and it is fine for that venue, but not for a desktop. If Windows 9 emulates Windows 8, then I will never upgrade. I'll find another operating system first.

  3. Brian Preble I hate 8 and 8.1; the endless numbers of useless apps. that only people who live for these use. However, my major complaint with 8 and 8.1 is this: I use my touchpad 90% of the time and the hidden "search, settings, etc." ribbon margin pops in any and nearly every time my finger moves from right to left. Moreover, even the taskbar does so occasionally. I find this highly sensitive; and is no more useful than a simple click on an icon. MS did this to compete with Mac. Finally, IE 11 is cumbersome and will not work with many apps on Time Warner Live TV; and the popup blocker in Internet Options only blocks non-vendors of MS — and many times if I close them they are serendipitously on my desktop screen when I exit. Give me 7, it is more logically organized than the emotionally driven 8s. Indeed, even those who are in gaming (not me) use 7 over the notorious 8s.

  4. I installed Ubuntu Linux over the top of my Windows 8 laptop. it took 20 min, it was free and it is virus proof and comes with a full office suite. It is not as bloated as windows so it runs even faster. It costs nothing to try it.

  5. why bother with win9. It is just a win 8 revamp. How about Ubuntu. It is free, it does not get viruses and it comes with free open office software that opens windows files that windows doesn't open. I gave windows 8 the flick and I have not looked back.If you have to learn a new OS then learn a good one.

  6. Or install IRC, and use the same chatroom software that millions of people have used since 1988. MSN Messenger was a joke, arrived very late on the scene, and didn't survive long. Admittedly, IRC doesn't seem long for this world. Their user base has diminished considerably in the past two years.

  7. This seems like a pointless question, since Windows 8 does everything Windows 7 does and more. Aside from the unfortunate start menu problem of course, but that was easily rectified with a $5.00 program from Stardock.

  8. Ignoring the fact that Apple and Chromebook computers don't come with Windows installed, last time I bought a computer the operating system was an optional extra. Just depends where you buy your computers from, if you buy from the high street then an operating system will be pre-installed (because that's what average Joe expects) but if you want a choice of OS then you can go to a specialist retailer. There are a lot of companies online that will build you a computer from scratch and install any OS that you want (or none if you want to do it yourself) 😉

  9. Win98SE is absolutely fabulous, most especially for compatibility with older software/games. I still have about 3 computers at home running 98, which I use for LAN parties with StarCraft 1 and Diablos 1 & 2.

  10. Windows 8 works fine on my upgraded laptop, but I would not pay much for it…most of it’s features I have disabled, and use the desktop shortcut all the time. Win 7 was worth the upgrade, and several of my work and family PC’s will not run 8 or newer…so I think 7 was the best, XP just got old!

    I agree, get rid of the tiles! Metro NO!

  11. I’d still be using ’98 if the MS last update didn’t crash it and cause me to have to buy a new pc and XP. I never downloaded the last couple of xp updates,just in case they do the same thing. W7 is ok (on my other pc) but I was happy with ’98 and XP. They all do 700% of what I need them for. Same with MS Office – who needs all the bells and whistles. Updates would be fine, but they obviously need the $.

  12. Microsoft is a shameless huslter. These perpetual updates do little but make more $$ for them. Everyone liked XP but they just had to screw with it. Even if enhancements were necessary why didn't they leave the feel and touch the same? Just trying to perform simple tasks like file management, going to the Control Panel etc is tedious and annoying. But I guess Gates' $60 Billion is enough.

      • @joe: Just a quick note: ITS OK TO DISLIKE WHAT MS IS DOING WITHOUT HAVING TO MENTION APPLE DOES THE SAME DARN THING! (exclamation for emphasis) I’m sick of MS hucksters telling my how bad Apple. They BOTH are guilty of the same thing. I’m just mad at MS right now. When I use my iPhone later, I’ll bitch about Apple. Got it?

  13. All Microsoft does is rearrange the puzzle pieces, rename a few functions, and then call it a new platform to sell more stuff. This has been happening for a long time.

  14. MONEY SCAM!!! Even worse is the fact that some companies like HP for example pre-load Windows 8 and set the BIOS so you have to know how to tweak it to reformat the Hard drive to kill windows 8 and put on a legacy OS

  15. Microsoft is totally nonresponsive to its customers. I wrote the months ago complaining about the discontinuance of Win XP and suggested that they continue to offer updates to XP users with a fee for each update, similar to purchasing an app. I even suggested that I’d be willing to pay the cost of their new operating system in order to keep the XP operating system. They would still get the money, and I would get to keep the operating system that I liked. They replied and were naturally not interested in anything except selling their new operating system that so many people dislike.

    • Why doesn’t MS sell the updates and maintenance to some third party who could maintain XP? I am sure most XP users would be willing to pay a fee but that would make to much sense and actually be customer friendly.
      @Ed Davison:

  16. Fine, Windows 9. We had secretly hoped that 9 would be 7 second edition. But they come back with that hated interface. They have to locked up this dabblers in an asylum.
    Total idiots. They don’t understand. No company that want this shit. Fortunately, Win7 will be supported until 2020. Till 2019, we are not interested in the crap they launch.

  17. Bring back the old MSN Messenger. I hate Skype. Heck, bring back the old MSN groups and chatrooms as well. I hate Facebook too.

  18. Hello Microsoft,
    Do not like the appearance of Window 9. Why such an ugly design…Can Microsoft create something better then this? I think appearance is the first thing for customer to decide if he or she buys the product. SO, please think about it.
    PS: Operating system is very important as much as the outer appearance.
    Thank you…Z.M.

  19. I have been using computer since dos and windows 7 is the best. I have no intentions of going of going to 8 or 9

    Shelly Goldman

  20. You will note that the information comes from a German website… If that's their worst language mistake, I'm mightily impressed.

    • If you stay with Windows XP, your PC will not be secure. Microsoft stopped updating it. We get a whole lot of security updates on most operating systems, They find bugs, fixes and security breaches, hence we get update Tuesday. And I really liked XP it was a good stable OS. Then I got ripped off buying Vista and Millian versions, slow and BSOD all the time.

  21. I carefully bought a new PC just before Win 8 was launched. I’m still glad I did – I like Win 7, and hope to use it forever. I agree with the comments on MS’s tendency to overload Windows with visual, pointless bells and whistles – maybe it’s a conspiracy with PC, tablet and phone makers to continuously require hardware updates?? One of the few positive comments I saw on Win 8 was that it starts up a few seconds quicker – big deal.


  22. Introducing a new Windows operating system is nonsense and not necessary for the average computer user. It's all about Microsoft making more money on something that's not necessary. All they need to do is improve Windows 8, or even 7.
    Linux just updates their version and will support your old version like Microsoft for a small length of time, but does not have you download a whole new operating system like Microsoft and charge you for a license anytime they do. It's getting to the point where people are getting tired of Microsoft's monopoly. You can't even buy a new computer without Windows pre-loaded on it, leaving the market closed for any newcomers to offer an operating system.

  23. My hopes for W/9 would be ability to TOTALLY being able to prevent any semblance of the METRO turd from interrupting my workplace. I keep trying to keep the normal 7 type start but my computer keeps reverting to having metro turd jump out and or the arrow pointer touches things and setting off those items as if it was a finger on a touch screen with out clicking. Seems like every time I receive security updates the METRO Turd returns and returns with new annoying interruptions and and strange screen sensitivities. I have no touch screen. W/8-8.1 was meant for touch screens and is a total turd on non-touch screen monitors.

  24. I think if I ever do decide to buy another desktop, I hunt for a pirated win98 2nd gladly pay any fine that wonderful microsoft may try to impose. Oh hell! just don't buy another computer.

  25. microsoft keeps changing opsys and refuse’s to support older opsys, So I refuse to buy a newer system. probaby won’t be around long enough to really use win 9 any way.

  26. Unless they have an option for switching off those stupid tiles entirely I don’t see how or why anyone would bother – Also we don’t yet know what its like under the hood , way too many apps /games and hardware that worked in 7 didn’t in 8 ( i had 25% of my software rejected by the win8 adviser) , its going to have to support win 7 entirely without fiddling . Win8 was a cluster , like vista . BUT MS have a habit of crud – then excellent – then crud . xp excellent – vista crud 7 – excellent 8 crud ,so lets hope they follow the established pattern !

  27. I hope windows 9 is going back to windows 7 ideas. Windows 7 was the best ever! Do not include anything from windows 8! Worst operating system ever!

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