6 Signs of Impending PC Doom

6 Signs of Impending PC Doom

6 signs your computer is about to crash.–PC Pitstop.

By Dave for PCTechBytes.com

Your computer is a machine destined to fail. While we’d all like to think our machines will boot faithfully until the end of time, it’s just a matter of time before your hardware fails. Hardware failures can occur all of the sudden, but there are often tell-tale signs that something terrible is on the horizon. Below are several signs your computer is about to crash.

1. Your Computer Has Poor Performance

One of the signs associated with a failing computer is poor performance. While this could simply mean your computer needs some general maintenance, it could also mean your hard drive is dying or that there is some other hardware issue. Some computer manufacturers such as Dell and Lenovo have built in storage drive diagnostics. Try tapping the F12 or F10 key when booting to see if your system has this capability. If not, consider download and running the Ultimate Boot CD (UBCD). Burn that to a disk and then boot to the disk to run a hard drive diagnostic tools such as ViVard.


2. SMART Error Messages

Most modern computers have SMART (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology System) capable hard drives in them. SMART is a firmware on the hard drive that continuously monitors drive parameters such as error rates and overall performance. It uses a technology known as predictive failure analysis to inform you when a hard drive failure is imminent. Some of the errors you might see include:

  • Hard disk failure is imminent.
  • A hard drive in the system reports that it may fail.
  • Smart failure imminent, back up your data
  • Error 1720 Imminent Hard Drive Failure
  • SMART hard drive error
  • If you see any of these messages, be sure to backup your data and consider the drive unreliable. You should work on having the drive replaced as soon as possible.


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    This post is excerpted with the permission of PCTechBytes.com

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    8 thoughts on “6 Signs of Impending PC Doom”

    1. I'll definitely have to keep these things in mind. I just bought myself a PC and I'm pretty excited about it. I've never had one before, though, so I'm a bit worried that, if anything goes wrong, I won't know how to fix it! I think the idea of SMART messages is pretty cool. It's amazing that we have technology that is advanced enough to tell us when something is wrong with it.

    2. 2001????? How’s that Dial up working for you….

      I would recommend .38 cal ( no smaller) inserted into the floppy disk drive the next time you play John Denver on your ,… Oh, never mind….

    3. Roman, your computer is NOT a store room, it is a processor. Put important stuff on discs, remove the rest if you will never need it. Then download CCleaner and use it every time you go on the internet. No need to back up the Registry faults it comes up with. You should also defragment VERY regularly. After a short time, it should speed up again, assuming you have a good antivirus like Avast
      and a spyware remover like Malwarebytes.

    4. Please, I BEG YOU, do NOT BLOW the filth and dirt from your computer when you clean it. Make sure it is disconnected from the mains supply, then use a vacuum cleaner on SUCK with a thin nozzle and a 1/2 inch soft paint brush. This way you will not send dirt and germs radiating into the room for all to breathe. I was a Senior Lecturer in Radio, TV, Video and Hi-Fi so this advice is based on good sense. Can you imagine a classroom/lab where everyone was blowing the dust into the room ?
      I couldn't find a way to comment on the article page, so I hope this works.

    5. Michael J. Marsalek

      After long deliberation, I purchased PC Pitstop software because it was supposed to address the main issues I was having – running slow & freezing up. Though I was skeptical at first, I decided to try the software. Long story short, I still have the same problems – no better & no worse. I am about ready to throw in the towel while I’m still under the 30 day money back guarantee. Any advice appreciated.

    6. My computer is very slow. I bought it in 2001
      Vista system.
      Hard drive is only 166 GB full out of 222GB?
      the recovery drive is 5.73 out of 9.99 GB

      I tought it was the internet but they say my computer is the problem.

      any advise?

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