Home Depot Hack Exposes Criminal Negligence

The layers of internal incompetence at Home Depot is reaching epic – if not criminal – proportions.–PC Pitstop

Home Depot Hack Exposes Criminal Negligence

By Stu Sjouwerman, for KnowBe4.com Security Awareness Training

Wait for the class-actions lawsuits to get unleashed. The layers are going to be over this one like white on rice. Ex-employees from the Home Depot IT technology group are now claiming that management of the retailer had been warned for years that their Point Of Sale systems were open to attack and did not act on these warnings. Several members of the Home Depot IT security team quit their jobs in protest.

It gets worse. In 2012, Home Depot management hired Ricky Joe Mitchell as their Senior IT security architect, apparently without doing their due diligence and background check. Turns out that Mitchell was fired from a company called EnerVest Operating where he sabotaged that company’s network for 30 days in an act of revenge.

It gets even worse. Mitchell was kept on the job at Home Depot even after his indictment a year later and remained in charge Home Depot security until he finally pled guilty to federal charges Jan 2014.

Wait, we’re not done yet. Things are worse than that…Article continued here

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