Should You Preview the New Windows?

Is previewing the new version of Windows for everyone?
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Should You Preview the New Windows?

By Richard Hay for Windows Observer

We are closing in on the official announcements relating to the next version of Windows and that means the ability to preview this upcoming version of Windows will soon be within our grasp.

However, it begs the question of whether or not previewing a new version of Windows is for everyone?

Download Windows Technical Preview Here

With the perpetual beta status of many pieces of software, apps and services it seems we are in a constant state of testing every day and as a result we may not be aware of the level of risk involved in testing something like an operating system.

If you are prepared to accept that kind of risk then maybe testing out the next version of Windows is in your wheel house but if you are risk adverse then you may want to hold off.

I recently wrote about the risks in participating in a preview program similar to this back in late July. My post Using the Windows Phone Developer Preview and Reading the Fine Print talked about those risks around the Windows Phone Developer Preview had set back when some users had to reset their phones to the commercially available version of Windows Phone 8 in order to install the released Cyan update for Nokia Lumia’s.

There were many users unhappy about that but then again they did sign up for the preview process and chose to accept a certain level of risk.

On Windows Phone there is not much choice for testing the preview but with Windows itself there are multiple options that can allow you to try out the preview version of Windows Threshold without risking your data or production machines.

So here are the possible options, in no particular order, for trying out the Windows Threshold Technical Preview:

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4 thoughts on “Should You Preview the New Windows?”

  1. Most of my computers run Linux. My sole Windows machine is a quad core Vista desktop I made in 2007. Vista isn't bad if you give it enough power (4 GB RAM, Q6600 CPU).

    Windows 8 isn't bed if you replace the start screen with a menu. It defeats the point, though. I really see no reason not to just use Windows 7.

  2. Windows XP and 7 are both more compatible with many drivers as compared to Windows 8 or 8.1. truely as much as I want to move along with technology Windows 8 is just not ideal. Hope Microsoft will do something to improve the next versions of Windows otherwise most of us will stick with Windows 7.

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