Microsoft Skips to Windows 10

Microsoft Skips to Windows 10

Microsoft has officially announced that the next version of the Windows OS will be called ‘Windows 10’. 10? What happened to Windows 9?

Originally codenamed Windows Threshold, the new operating system essentially does away with the tiled “Metro” user interface that Microsoft had attempted to implement across its entire device line, from desktop PCs to Surface tablets and Widows Phone devices. It is such a substantial leap, according to Microsoft’s executive VP of operating systems, Terry Myerson, that the company decided it would be best to skip over Windows 9, the widely expected name for the next version.
CNET 9/30

Introducing Windows 10

A Windows 10 Roundup – Thoughts and Opinions from Windows Observer

Well all the speculation is finally over – for the most part anyway.

Windows 10 was launched into the consciousness of Windows enthusiasts around the globe earlier today. It was no more apparent then by the fact Microsoft’s blog post about the next version of Windows and the Insider Program website were knocked offline by the crush of traffic. I think there just might be a few people interested in this upcoming version of Windows.

A First Look at Windows 10

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47 thoughts on “Microsoft Skips to Windows 10”

  1. I have windows 7.1 professional and I hate it. When the Windows 10 notification came out, I ran check and am told that I am not eligible for the free update to W10 because Dell cpu is not supported. What is that about?

  2. Laurie Howells Linux is definitely diferent, but I find it not too bad. My printer is a LaserJet 4100 (It's old, I know), and it was plug and play. At work, I have a LaserJet P3005 that was also plug and play.

    Most people won't go to the effort to learn Linux, but I've sold a few Linux laptops (Xubuntu, usually) to beginning users. The good points:

    *Xubuntu doesn't need much in resources. I am typing this on a Dell Latitude D510 (Pent. M- 1.73/1.5 GB RAM), and it is pretty fast

    *No Viruses for most users (I know, Shellshock…)

    *Most Toolbars/Junk won't install, unless you attempt to install the toolbar with Wine. No user would ever do this.

    *Facebook/Twitter work just fine. A Flash workaround is needed for some Facebook games, but it's doable.

    *It's free (usually). For an old person with limited income, this is huge. My last Linux machine I sold was a Dell Latitude D810 with a 60 GB hard drive. It went to an older lady who just wants to check E-Mail and write documents. It hooked up to her Canon Pixma just fine (She won't fax through the PC anyways. She just wants to print a letter), and I had showed her everything she needed to know in less than an hour.

    She loves it, and it'll serve her well. I think Linux is easier to learn than Windows for the average person. LibreOffice is easy to learn for basic documents (Word is still better), and they can't virus themselves too easly.

    I personally like Mint the most, but I have a thing for Dell D510s (I've owned 5), so Xubuntu it is.

    Two years ago, all my PCs that I used (I own a PC sales/service shop) were runnning Windows. Now, I only run 1 Windows machine (Web Design). As soon as I can make Dreamweaver work with Wine, I'll be Windows-free. Linux was the best move I ever made.

  3. Check the code before you publish it.
    Get someone to actually read it.
    Reduce the advertising it is worse than watching television. I don’t like the
    fact that you get to only use the center
    of the screen on the email servers the rest
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  4. Incorporate into Win 10 the option of Win XP to not use icons and use the simple English commands. This is why many of us use XP today. It wouldn’t take away from the sofisticated attributes and features of win 10. but would possibly iliminate most of XP users. That revenue should pay the cost.

    1. @Victor Landry:

      Well, you use the same ignition (means to ignite or start) switch to turn your vehicle engine off as you do to turn it on. I don’t see much difference. People didn’t stop using motorized vehicles because of that!

  5. I like Linux, especially Linux Mint, however no version is ready for the mass market, eg, try loading drivers for your printer, then, if successful, try using ALL the features, eg scan, fax, print to CD/DVD etc.

  6. Andrew, at least wait until it is released… every version, so far, has had security vulnerabilities, that is why we see so many updates. Win 7 is stable, win 10 is, as yet, not, and so is not proven.

  7. All I want is a basic system with absolutely no add ons, no APPS nothing, just so I can look at the internet and send a few emails. I loved Windows 95, XP was ok apart from it regularly crashing, 7 was excellent and sadly 8.1 that my recently purchased computer has on it is the pits…… I hate it !

    1. @Philip McDonald: I completely agree, although I stuck at Windows 7 – flicky touchscreens just don’t do it for me. It would also be good if MS could produce an operating system that didn’t need fixes every month. Sigh.

  8. finally MS gives you multiple desktops. It's what I had on Sun diskless clients some 25 years ago!!!!

    And an admission that taking the start button away was just plain dumb if you're thinking about your users.

    And they realised what a pain in the backside it is to resize and move windows around. Didn't take them long ha ha.
    MS are so lame but these are significant improvements for the user (although many won't use them, either not comfortable with the extra functionality or don't need them).

    Still on the upgrade your hardware train though, ripping off win 8.1 users making them pay again. Multiple devices may yet kill microsoft.

    1. @Jonny SF:
      OMG I’d forgotten about my Sun with it’s extremely handy multiple desktops that I had waaaay back & lost when my 1st pc (a DELL) died a cruel death & I’d replaced it with a yummy looking laptop running the latest which was XP.

  9. I’m dual boot WIN 7 / Ubuntu 14.04. Hard to imagine why I’d bail for something unproven. MS has to prove they have something that works!

  10. I'm no MS fan but there isn't the breadth of s/ware written for Linux that there is for MS.
    That being said MS will never have the performance efficiency of any unix o/s because the user base doesn't demand it. It's easier for them to throw away the unit / upgrade the hardware after 3 years (thanks tax laws) than push for a change with the s/ware upheaval.

    Cloud services and multiple devices will challenge MS strongly. Ultimately the O/S and Interface will have to separate surely so the consumer has a choice of interfaces and a separate choice of o/s on any particular device. eg I buy a samsung phone, a Tesco tablet but I want to use a common interface. People are lazy though.

    1. @Jonny SF: Good ideas. On the other hand, there are a lot of use who just need something reliable for routine tasks. We don’t even want a “walkie-talkie” strapped to our belt (or in our pocket). The public phone was a great idea – you know, technology sharing!

    1. @Jonny SF: M.S. should stand for more shit. They seem to be selling it lately and telling us how good it smells. W7, W8, W8.1, W9, and now W10. They should have stopped at XP and just kept refining it. Greed does strange things to companies that sell their broken junk to people who are gullible enough believe the corporate propaganda that calls crap the best thing since indoor toilets.

  11. Andrew Atkinson But that's not much of a claim really.
    just not convinced MS will ever produce anything remotely secure.

  12. Also there is a real reason for skipping windows 9. Lots of third party software check to see if the installed version is called windows 9x (e.g. windows 98, windows 95) so this would break compatibility with loads of 3rd party software.

  13. Microsoft always puts out operating systems and then fixes them the whole time the operating system is in existence! I run 7 on 2 of my desktops and XP Pro to feed my server. If you doubt what I say, how many times do you get updates? Yes I know some are security updates but a lot of them are updates to your operating system. Think I’ll stick to 7 and XP Pro.

    1. @Ken Karns: A thing I’ve noticed since my current Win7 is my 4th MS OS is that by end of second year of the new pc, IE begins crashing every time it is started. There have been so many updates of all sorts that they overburden it & it gets to the point it can’t sort itself out every morning unless given more than an hour. This causes me to begin leaving the pc turned on for a few days at a time which I hate because it shortens it’s life ultimately. Maybe that’s an inbuilt planned obsolescence?

  14. Absolutely no reason for me to upgrade. I have Windows 7 on a desk top and Windows 8.1 on a lap top. The lap top came with Windows 8 and not because I elected to. Both work just fine as I don't use Windows tablets or phone devices.

  15. Is Microsoft beginning to listen to its customers ? How many years has that taken? With all the current competition about right now, MS really needs to get it right this time!

  16. I have a phone that uses Windows 8. The thing is only marginally useable because of the stupid super touch sensitive "tiles". So you guys just move right along to Windows 10 leaving your customer base stuck with the sack of bleep that is Widows 8.

  17. Depending on what your doing with your PC. Windows 8 or 9 has some features that are not available in windows 7 that would be great for me as a gamer. Although I admit I to have not yet merged from 7 myself due to the interface that they have put on the newer OS's. I"m not into the APPS and the so called desktop feature is simply not the same.

  18. Regular updates? As in patches? Is the code being written in India? Or in the US with H-1b and L-1 visa programmers? Do it right the first time and you won’t need many patches. And, oh yes, think about HIRING AMERICANS for a switch in policy.

    1. @Isabel Sinton: I often wonder whether the tech volunteers such as those MS is asking for atm to help develop the new version are actually spies looking for early copies so they can write malware to fit snugly.

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