Java Chooses Ask Toolbar for You

The Ask toolbar is now a pre-selected install option when you download Java.
–PC Pitstop.

Java Chooses Ask Toolbar for You

By Richard Hay for Windows Observer

The effort required to keep your computer safe from malware, viruses, rogue software and other threats is a daily battle.

Even the most conscientious computer users can fall victim to some of these threats because they are constantly changing their form and methods of delivery.

One of the seemingly innocuous issues I see on a regular basis on computers are toolbars but they are some of the tougher ones to remove at times because they dig their tentacles deep into your system and hold on tightly.

Unfortunately, many of these toolbars get into your system by piggy backing on other legitimate installations of helper software or even downloads you grab from legitimate download sites such as cNet’s

For quite some time the Toolbar has piggy backed on legitimate installations of Java on computers however, something has changed recently that makes it more likely to be installed on your system instead of you being able to opt-out. By default the Toolbar install with the Java installation is already pre-selected for you.

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9 thoughts on “Java Chooses Ask Toolbar for You

  1. It becomes imperative to read each of the installation dialogue boxes as they appear. Rather than rush through an installation.
    For some of us we have no choice other than to use java.

  2. don't install java,you wont get the crappy ask toolbar.realy who needs java?Its nothing but the biggest security risk on youre computer!!

  3. Alright, how do we get rid of it without costing a fortune? The computer USED to be a great thing for communicating for everyone; it now is becoming a bigger pain in the ass day by day for all. Greedy, smart asses, wanna be terrorists. Who? Companies who half develop their products and then charge us for other programs to correct their intensions making more money for them. WHAT?!!

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